Anti-Bullying/Suicide video.

A Paramore fan is making an anti-bullying/suicide video and would like as many people as possible to take part. What she would like is for people to register their interest and she’ll give you a line in a video or you can just send a photo. Hayley has already offered her support for this on LJ and we want as many of you as possible to take part.

Further information:

Important information on the Parafamily anti-suicide video:

As you wonderful people may already know, I have been planning on creating an anti-suicide video in light of tragic recent events (R.I.P. Jamey) and a general observation of the self-hatred that dominates timelines globally, every single day.

Over the past couple of days, I have been busy working on a script for the proposed video which is where I need some help from you guys…

Not wanting to exclude anyone that is lovely enough to want to help, there will be three different ways you can contribute to this video:

ONE) If you have a video-camera, camera or webcam…

You will be the main focus of the video. 
Roughly 130 people are needed for this part of the video, and you (considering you are comfortable with this) will be reading out a line of dialogue from one of the 12 sections of the script, which are:
Inner voice
Thoughts On Death
Negative Side Of Death
Life Is Good
We Care
Death Is The End
You Don’t Have To Do This
The Population That Loves You
Here For You
You are…

To ensure you don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when delivering your line, you can read out more of the paragraph than you need to so it flows more naturally, have a friend sit with you or help you say your line so you don’t feel alone or, if you’re self conscious, you can hide your face. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Email me at if you are interested in doing something for this part of the video, stating any specifications you might have (i.e. If you just want a little line, just ask!). 

I’ll send you back the paragraph that you are going to be reading from and highlight your specific line. Whilst recording, you only have to say your line, but if you want, you can read out more.

Once you are finished recording your part, send either the file itself or a link to it on youtube. Again, whatever is easiest for you.

I will then edit these and put them into the main body of the video… as well as thanking you all SO MUCH.

(NOTE: If you want to be credited, email me your name/twitter username along your video. If you don’t, then just leave it out!)

TWO) If you have a camera or a phone that takes pictures…

After the people have recorded their messages, pictures will appear on screen, and I’d love one of them to be yours.

If you’d like to be included, just write “You are not useless” on the palm of your hand, take a picture of you holding your palm up to the camera and send the picture to me (

You can cover your face, have someone else do it with you, write it in another language… whatever! Be creative as you like. As long as it’s legible!

(NOTE: Again, if you want to be credited, just email me your name or twitter username)

THREE) If you don’t have any of the above, or just don’t have the time…

Then PLEASE, tweet me something inspiring and lovely. If you had to convince someone to carry on living, what would you tell them?

Tweet me that! I’ll integrate any tweets I receive between the pictures.

(NOTE: You WILL be credited for your tweets, it’ll be set out like “@yourusernamehere: Insert inspiring message here”)

Of course, this is a HUGE video, and I’ll need all the help I can get. Please, help spread the word. 

And to anyone who is even considering helping out… Thank you. 

Lauren xxx

Please offer your support and interest in this video. You might just help save someone’s life.