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  1. Malek nichole williams

    this is my paramore story ♥

    hey , i'm malek from tunisia , i'm 16 y.o , it's been 3 years from now that i love paramore , it's started when i listen to their song decode ♥ after that i started to listen to their songs and their photos and concerts... i feel like paramore is my life and i can't live without their music now , they really changed my life , i cried a lot when i heard that the farro's brothers left the band but i still beleive that paramore is a band and it never ends \m/ ♥ so i'm so excited to hear the new album i can't wait. i love you all parawhores ♥ and i'd like to meet you and to know you better ♥ this is my facebook account https://www.facebook.com/mgouilliams send me invitations if you want i really want to know friends from around the world. i believe in you parawhores , i believe in my dear hayley williams , i believe in taylor and jeremy I BELIEVE IN PARAMORE ♥ love you all parawhores ♥ xoxo ♥
  2. all i wanted was you ! ♥