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  1. Anita27

    Paramore Amino Community

    Just checked out the app... It's awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Anita27

    Questions for Paramore

    How about... what happened to Hayley's famous orange mic?!?!? I've noticed in all the most recent (2017) performances it's nowhere to be found I've just been really curious to know what happened to it and/or whether this was a conscious decision to mark the evolution/new direction of the band. On a more personal note, I'm all about the new direction they are going in... Love the new album and can embrace change! Their sound has evolved so incredibly... so beautiful... I love this new direction just as much as the old one! BUT, I will be attending my first ever Paramore concert this year (Bethlehem, PA) and would have loved to see some of the old Paramore performance hallmarks that I grew up with (such as the orange mic) in person.