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  1. Defiance

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    i enjoy reading stuff from when this place was alive, and i was 16 ha
  2. Yeah hahaha oh well.

  3. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    someone with a brain, thank god. nothing to disagree with there, spot on.
  4. I've been alright. Busy with school and work.

    Well we updated the boards fro VBulletin to IP and everyone bitched because it was different so they left. I guess people don't like change.

  5. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    as i said before opinions are opinions im not going to change yours and you arent going to change mine. i dont celebrate death and i dont think anyone should but honestly tell me do you prefer the fact that bin laden was shot in the head, an almost instant and painless death, as opposed to him rotting in a cell for the rest of his life being starved, beaten, made someones bitch, and generally destroyed and tortured? i know what i prefer. no you dont get what i said, if you look at america as a country and what they do around the world, you will just see they are a basically running a dictatorship on the world.
  6. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    no ones opinion is right because thats the nature of an opinion, i think those people should rot in prison and absolutely fucked up until they die, make them suffer, killing them is a nice way of doing it, but still celebrating death is a very terrorist thing to do, but then the usa is basically the biggest terrorist group in the world anyway
  7. Very true hahaha

    Hope you've been alright though :)

  8. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    you clearly dont get what im on about, celebrate justice, celebrate the end of tyranny, celebrate a terrorist group taking a massive blow, but celebrating someones death in a haha im glad he is dead way, is just pathetic.
  9. you're alive! lol =p

  10. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    id like to think most Americans would understand that celebrating his death makes them no better than the terrorists who celebrated the deaths of thousands of Americans, but hey from the country that brought you George W Bush, what do we expect apart from blind ignorance and complete idiocy, anyone ashamed of celebrating another human beings death should be ashamed of themselves.
  11. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    wow clearly think you are the big man, you have no idea.
  12. Defiance

    Osama bin Laden killed

    all i have to say is that people celebrating his death is disgusting, you should never celebrate someone being killed, you can celebrate the removal of terrorism and tyranny but to actually celebrate a human beings passing is disgusting.
  13. Defiance

    The Photography Thread

    guess ill pop some of my photos from the last couple of years since ive not been on here all my other online shit can be seen on my flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/xelarobertson
  14. Defiance

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    lol...thats my confession
  15. Defiance

    Pf Awards New Categories

    diddums who gives a fuck put new categories in the ones you have now are getting old and boring cause the same people always win them