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    Sorry to reopen this, but this is me in 2009, when I was 16, now I'm 20 hahaha, I don't have red/orange/whatever hair anymore, now I have it green, so I'm not a Fayley anymore? OH hahah People even thought I was Hayley in that pic, and posted it to their tumblrs, sites or youtube videos, and when I told them it was me, they even didn't believe me LOL I've been called a Fayley for a million times, but I just didn't care, I liked my hair that way... Btw, I'm the girl who sang with Paramore in Spain ^^ My actual hair: DAAAAAAAAAMN, I wear a purple beanie, I'm probably copying Decode's beanie, shit hahahaha. Yes, Hayley is an inspiration for me, but not the only one, I dyed my bangs red and orange when I was 8 (year 2000) Paramore didn't even formed, I just love ginger hair, and Hayley's hair, that's all. Yes, Paramore is my favorite band for 7 years already. It's true I have some clothes she wore, cause I liked them, but just a few, Idk, we are just similar on fashion
  2. Listening to VersaEmerge :D <3

  3. I only wanted to know, what happened with the old gallery? There was a lot of photos, and i don't know where i can find them unless here Please, answer