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  1. OH wait a minute. I was on twitter yesterday and I saw that Zac didn't delete his twitter. I thought he did because I saw a bunch of people talking about it that he got rid of it. Well thank goodness that makes me feel better. But i'm still pretty sad about Taylor.
  2. That's what I was thinking. Maybe it's because of the whole, " he was joking about being in Kentucky and then him actually having to say, "I was just informed that we're actually in New Zealand. Go figure. I'm gonna go drink tea and sleep and get better now. K bye. I really hope everyone knows I was just kidding about the whole Kentucky thing. Haha. I love New Zealand!!! Just a lul joke. LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!" But i'm still not sure why Zac would of gotten rid of his. I guess that is a possibility that maybe he just didn't like twitter anymore, or he really wasn't using it. But I was always seeing Zac's tweets. I don't know. It just made me upset. :/
  3. So I usually get on Twitter a lot and stuff. I follow Paramore and all the band members but then I saw a bunch of tweets from other Paramore fans that Taylor got rid of his twitter. I also saw that Zac got rid of his too. I know that "they probably had their reasons." But does anyone really know why they got rid of their twitter accounts?