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Holiday Charity Drive Results!

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A few weeks ago, we set out on an experiment to give back to those in need instead of spending our money on gifts for Paramore. We reached out to Paramore fan websites all over the world in hopes of donating money to Toys for Tots, a charity that provides toys for children who would otherwise not receive any gifts for the holidays.


I'm very pleased to announce that we raised $321.66! We also gave a holiday card to Paramore, thanks to Chriss, signed by everyone who donated (as well as websites who donated), with a little note, and some holiday wishes. The band recently received our card and Hayley posted photos of what they received. Check out the pictures below.


Thanks again to everyone who could make this possible. We certainly see this as a really awesome way to get all fans of Paramore together for a good cause. It makes our family even closer, and most importantly, gives toys to those who would otherwise never have the same experiences we are so fortunate to have. We definitely see this as an annual event that will only get better year after year.


Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. We surely started off 2012 on the right foot!









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