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  1. @colinmeloy https://t.co/7fJ9mX0Eux

  2. A picnic dinner with wine for our last night before the kids come home from camp! https://t.co/E2aGOQwXPC https://t.co/kCXfps4Ij4

  3. #WorldCup starts tomorrow, so it’s time for the profile pic featuring me and Elijah meeting the best striker in the… https://t.co/l1AOmb68dZ

  4. @bogcommenter ‘Tis true. I still haven’t bought one, even now that I have season tix.

  5. RT @RStanleyNHL: Alex Ovechkin is living his best life and I love every second of it.

  6. I’m not even a Caps fan and I’m loving it. https://t.co/Me9y2qAtHu

  7. The best in the world. And he’s ours. https://t.co/cvK73Yp5rS

  8. @JGarcia36 Congrats man. What an awesome night.

  9. RT @mirikramer: I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about this garbage website https://t.co/Ng41vhyAVD

  10. RT @bogcommenter: You should read this Leitch column on the scourge of replay. https://t.co/XpWdvZmzHk

  11. RT @recordsANDradio:

  12. RT @AndrewFlaxTNB: Why did you guess B and V before S https://t.co/ADkyhzvpsX

  13. @saxdavid Completely stopped listening to music? Or just on your phone? I often wonder if I’d really miss podcasts if I dropped them.

  14. A light will guide you home. https://t.co/fsCGKPe9KB https://t.co/rbIWAXrbFm

  15. RT @NHLGIFs: WHAT A SAVE! https://t.co/DQN7cqcW9o