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  1. Ross haha! Everyone I know thinks he's great!
  2. See everyone in NYC and Bethlehem!
  3. That would be so much fun to see them do that!
  4. I am so excited for Parahoy Round 3! Let us know any questions that you have
  5. I'm so excited for this! It should be good. James Corden cracks me up.
  6. Writing the Future was a ton of fun! I was lucky enough to get into the college show at The College Of New Jersey on April 25th... The college I graduated from was 3 minutes down the road from TCNJ so I guess it pays to have two colleges so close to each other lol. I was lucky enough to get front row tickets for New York City, while most of the Paramore shows I've been too have been GA, boy was it fantastic to have a seat. There was no need to line up super early, no pushing, no stress. I LOVED it. I also went to the Atlantic City show which was great!
  7. Snacking is my problem! I LOVE chips! My friends call me the chip lady lol. I'm the kind of person that if something is in front of me it's hard for me to say no or to not snack on it. I just don't have that willpower. I feel like it's so much easier when you have friends who are health conscious as well but I don't do it makes it extremely hard
  8. Oh wow. I wonder how much total they've raised.
  9. I love the whole idea of this! The Alice Adams Foundation is pretty great as well! Too bad I'm way too broke for this. Can we talk about how the crop top Hayley wore on "The Self-Ttitled" Tour is $735. Dear lord. I expected that to go for a lot though.
  10. I actually really enjoy this! I think they did a great job covering it.
  11. I'm super excited for this! I assume it'll be some kind of DVD/CD combination. I just hope it's not something that'll sell out fast because I won't get paid until that Friday
  12. Phil! I'm happy to see you on here. Welcome to PF!
  13. Ask Hayley what it's like to be the only girl in the band... I'm pretty sure she has never been asked that before
  14. Tomorrow will be my 30th time seeing Paramore. I think I have a problem lol
  15. I think I'll be going with Kelly. I'm excited!