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  1. shadow16

    FBR Plus

    im never on here.but i though i would be nice and tell you dan from fbr said it would be on at 8 tonight.
  2. shadow16

    17th Birthday!

    appearently it wasnt cool that i started the idea..but they worked something out.im assuming. i got him some presents.so ya. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  3. shadow16

    Official Paramore Merch Thread

    ^^so are they going to have them in nashville? i have like six people trying to get me to buy them stuff. anyone know if their getting more because i heard they were gone..hmm?
  4. shadow16

    Nashville, TN Show ADDED!

    omg.yay. happy for ya.haha.
  5. shadow16

    add on..

    um..tummy.he got road sick and they had to stop yet again.but what they didnt know was he had gotten...
  6. shadow16

    17th Birthday!

    yes.their going to be in europe. if someone wants to organize something to give him in europe thats cool. they are off on his birthday so it would have to be given to him a day before or day late. but if not im shure we can get him something late when they come home. how ever,let me know?
  7. shadow16

    17th Birthday!

    their was nothing in the projects and i couldnt find anything else. so..i think it would be really cool if we did something for his birthday..after all we do it for everyone elses.and its not too far away.haha.besides.who deserves it more than zac?? anyone up for it? i would be more than willing to try and organize something.or help organize something. either way. good idea?..not good idea? you tell me.
  8. shadow16

    add on..

    dance to backstreet boys..and they did so they were back on the road again.... (i want this story back alive.hahah.)
  9. shadow16

    Nashville, TN Show ADDED!

    depends on the band. usually they play the whole album(live) and stay and sign and all that jazz. not much diffrent than a usual show. but i have been to a release party that they literaly had a party. like afterwords.everyone kinda stuck around and they just chilled. so ya. since they are home they might stay later to be with friends and fans. or it might be a regular show with all the new songs.
  10. shadow16

    Nashville, TN Show ADDED!

    ^aw.well i def. hope you get to go! they are alot of fun.and im shure well worth the money. pluss how many people will be able to say they went to their cd release party? hm.
  11. shadow16

    Masquerade 4/24

    aw.well best wishes for you going.they play the best nashville show i have evvverr seen. josh you there?
  12. shadow16

    The 'What wouldyou do game'..

    fly over the people i dont like.and poop on their heads.haha.or just really pretty places. wwydi you broke your foot?
  13. shadow16

    Masquerade 4/24

    teehee.aw.too bad. well are you going to nashville?
  14. shadow16

    Nashville, TN Show ADDED!

    hah.kay.yay.(yea.i know.rhymed.i rap like no other.lmao.) who else?
  15. i didnt see this anywhere. its probley right in front of my face. but... did anyone see misery buisness on the sauce(fuse) today? and they said a little about them. well mainly zac which was great. who cant love that kid? ya.hah.(blush) i was just proud/happy to see it as the first video on the sauce on the 1st well 2nd day it was out.