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    Shame this forum is going to waste

    really im new here and i see hasnt been updated since 2000 and yeah looks like they operate another site but havent made renovations to this forum. i just joined to know more of band and hayley william in core genre if anyone knows the guy/ women who hired her the contract before she started recording . their is a post she says one day " they were playing in garage' next they where off first uk headline in wembley on news does anyone know the kinda gifts she does to fans and would she recommend other bands to her label? i mean i been approached by representitive her management before but i didnt beleive it years ago around 2007 and 2012,2014 and last yr just wanted to know more of the label and yeah they wanted to do contract with me years a go while HS but i beleive i even tried joining the band after josh left and jeremy but never received reply back if would accept offer. like i never talked to her before but i guess she was intereasted also years ago for me joining her band. till this day i would join if they ever call me again
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    Paramore Haters!

    i disagree with people just hating female bands. but in core general you cant stop the people from disparage either. every state and country music genre preference is different. while im not that kinda fan of paramore, i support females i nmusic since im one myself (even if my name onhere is weird) sucks though seeing her go through band mates wanting royalties and the guy she married divorced her i mean new found glory's chad was always horrible person and choice for her and new found glory has always been trash so sucks again seeing the sorrow side of it but yeah paramore weird band , wish they explained more how hayley was called or emailed encountered the perso nwho made her famous and got her the record deal is still dont beleive some interviews how she claims 'rehersing at a garage' then later they where in their first UK tour and show at wembley. the name of the guy who contacted her and the whole process of how she got to fueled by ramen then atlantic is weird i still think she had connections with other artist/promoters i dont think it was just any kind of contact either that or she was under contract and paid fare share to be in band.. the josh farrow exist statement was screwed too but same time true the rest of band werent signed the year josh exited the band in brand new eyes era so yeah even the whole concept of jeremy davis (i still thinkwas a stunt by him to get royalties from hayley) since he originally left band in all we know is falling. i still say bad idea rehiring members that called her out she should have made auditions liek other bands in there genre to replace those members instead of succumbing it in and sorrow emotions. i still says who ever controls the hiring aspect of adding members keeps failing at that control of dismantling and not allowing ppl who quit take advantage of her looking for royalties etc.. its screwed but yeah i still say josh and jeremy were never an asset to band all they battled where for money in songs and tour etc those kinda people nver deserved fame if they just starting smack with her over royalties yeah over all if this band want to grow bigger she should get new management who ever doing hiring of members and other crap and a new stylist to avoid media and public shit but apparently she kept it same since they began so if that doesnt expalin much i hope she realizes soon she doesnt always have to rely on a label but yeah she started of with help of atlantic and more people but like i said the story behind all that never know they dont specify kinda contract or paid. yeah her image i can see why ppl dislike because of some band shirt/lingerie attire she wears which she complains liek early 2005 how guys threw condoms in vans warped to her for how she looked again. i would recommend since she uses her stylist for hair and fashion brian o'connor for over decade and so years that she should switch up new stylist so peopel wont be slamming her for same fashion and hair including sexual acusations she tries defending herself fromshe cant since her stylist controls that aspect of her apart from selling hair dye etc.. all is say is ppl should give her a break and give her some space her bands broken but every time she mends it ppl come weigh it down more.. i just hope the current members dont leave for same reason previous have it sucks seeing her post about legal battles of band mates that never deserved the fame or spotlight aka josh and jeremey . i dont think hayley is ugly either she basically has alot of people just dislike females who looks similar to drag queen with mix of feminine and girly and how she heavily markets bands in rock/metal/punk/alt others genre... if paramore never began with the line up it started with and instead began with the taylor/zac and hayley one i still say she been better spot than struggle to fit in or be that pop punk icon cause once people labe lfemales into genres liek metal/rock/punk/alt they will be rejected its male dominated genre and no matter what they preach it started off with guys ... regardless of acts like the runways or joan jett or nita strauss and others she comments majority people prefer ment in those genres over women and its not a sexist thing either its all based on origin and how it began. while i disagree labeling hayley rock/punk/metal i still she successfully is a alternative pop artist who is struggling to fit the pop punk genre and mixes mainstream views and music into there own this is paramore. i wish her best... while the lyrics like haters say may not be great , their other songs iagree are better assembled and recorded than others how i would rate paramore scale 1-100 i say 70 because they put effort in work fight to defend there craftsman ship overall album rating out of 5 all we know is faling;4/5 because this was the start riot:2.5/5 the lyric were great but the recording should be kept same way previous album was done in same studio brand new eyes: 5/5 excellent self titled: 4.5/ 5 better than riot, some tracks maybe replaced with bonus tracks instead of having interludes after laughter:5/ 5 i prefer this sound in paramore and the genre