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  1. Andrew

    These boards are dead.

    I think there's a collection of reasons for the boards dying. I think Paramore changed (not necessarily for the better) and then the boards changed (again maybe not for the better). Some might say that the cosmetic change of the boards shouldn't make a difference, but I think it clearly has. Some things still confuse me (but I've been on maybe 3 times in the last year). Personally I'd already left before the change, but coming on here knowing that all the thousands of messages and hundreds of conversations I had with people on my profile are gone, gives me zero motivation to make any effort on here. People remember the "good old days" of Paramore in the same way they think about these forums. For me I went off Paramore's music, my opinion of Hayley dropped, and I didn't like the attitude of the mods and so I ended up just coming here for the people on the boards. Now that I either have them on MSN, or I'm following them on tumblr/twitter I don't "need" to come on here anymore. If you guys are planning on switching to WordPress you might wanna take a look at BuddyPress as a possible way to resurrect the place. One last thing, the majority of active members on the boards didn't check the main site anyway so if the main site is still "active" then it's no different to before.
  2. Andrew

    Footy Thread

    Another fantastic home result for Newcastle. 5-0 win against West Ham with Leon Best scoring a hat-trick (!) add this result to the 6-0 against Aston Villa and 5-1 against Sunderland
  3. Andrew


    Jorgi is correct. Matt is a racist. Nice to look back and see me reference farting cows as a reason to eat meat lol and I was ready to reference cats this time too. Basically cats need meat to live, a vegetarian cat is a dead cat.
  4. Andrew

    Dinosaur Pile-up

    Depends when it is I guess. Bristol isn't too far and it's not Cardiff so that's a plus
  5. Andrew

    Dinosaur Pile-up

    Shocking that there's no thread for them. Best described with a PR Quote: They remind me of first album Foo Fighters personally, which is refreshing (imo) with most of today's new bands all sounding the same. Slight cliche, but you know what I mean. They've probably got a myspace page or something. Google or YouTube them
  6. Late, but I remember complaining about the BNE lyrics when I first heard the album.
  7. Just for the people wanting a response from Hayley to Josh's blog: "Paramore's spokesperson has told NME that the band will not be commenting on the accusations. " (NME.com)
  8. Okay then they were half manufactured Plus really if the guys didn't know Hayley then the label would have got four random guys in to form a band. The guys knowing Hayley was just perfect for the label. So I'll still think of them as being (somewhat) manufactured.
  9. Wasn't that the gist of what Josh's post said happened? The label ignored the guys at first and didn't want them, then after AWKIF tried to get rid of them? Personally none of this really bothers me at all. If I still cared about Paramore I'd probably feel cheated, but I slowly went off them musically and how they came across publicly from Riot onwards, and I gave up on them when BNE came out. What bothers me most is when people lack common sense about the current situation, and cannot say (or bear to hear/read) the tiniest bad word about Paramore (Hayley).
  10. Agreed. The main problem with this whole situation is that being a manufactured band is not popular (well in a pedantic way it is, but not with the general Paramore fanbase - 'rock music fans') and I know Paramore Haters are enjoying the current situation. It damages their reputation. And there are a lot of people (mainly girls) who don't want to believe what has come out the past few days and so want an alternative side of "what happened" - a post similar to what Josh posted. Obviously Hayley doesn't need to make that type of post, and judging her past record she won't make one either. The closest people will get is that "hoax" tumblr post.
  11. Andrew

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess nice one Brent
  12. I'm looking forward to magazines reactions to be honest... especially Kerrang. Actually NME will have a field day with this lol Also makes me wonder who in the 'music business' knew they were manufactured.
  13. Andrew

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess the 'Paramore are manufactured' talk is getting me quite a lot of notes on tumblr