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  1. elzie


    acoustic acoustic ohhhhh how i love acoustic. if paramore don't come here soon then i will not be impressed.
  2. elzie

    3 New Vids From New York

    the live video of here we go again is gooooooooood. hayley's clapping is so sweet.
  3. elzie


    they better tour in the uk. i'd be mega happy if they did. i've seen some live videos of them and they sound and look great live!
  4. elzie


    ahhh thanks
  5. elzie

    3 New Vids From New York

    i'm currently downloading the first video. it's taking a while but i can wait. i'm sure it will be worth it. thanks very much by the way. i need to see stuff like this because i don't think i'll see them live for a while.
  6. elzie


    she's right i do like it here. elzie was something i made up a few years ago. it comes from my middle name elizabeth. i usually just use it for when i join messageboards and so on. it makes me feel cooler. ha ha.
  7. elzie


    well if you really want to you can call me frances. i won't hate you for it - i just don't like my real name much. thanks for welcoming me by the way
  8. elzie

    St Cloud, MN pics and videos

    hey loving the pictures! you've got some great shots of hayley i would check out the videos but my computer is slow today. i'm sure they're just as good though.
  9. elzie


    name: frances (but pleeeease just call me elzie!) age: 18 hobbies: music, photography, other arty type things and sleeping. i don't know what else to say about myself really! i need to make myself a sig . . . .
  10. elzie


    well i'm new to the board. i discovered paramore back in june and have been hooked ever since. i'm just a bit annoyed that i can't see them live because i live in the UK. i hope they come here soon because i bet they'd do really well here. anyways. i go on a bit so i will shut up. if you wanna know anything else about me then just ask. x