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  1. mro99

    Postponed Europe and UK Shows

    I think we should get there touring company to reschedule it for any time and if they can't make it, we will have a Paramore concert with the best guitarists, drummers and singers etc. we can get from the crowd attending. We could get a good concert together in a couple of weeks. I'm adamant of it! Somebody get them on the phone and book the various cancelled places for any date. The Para-Tribute is coming!! Maybe not eh?
  2. mro99

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    In And Out Of Love - Bon Jovi
  3. mro99

    band/album generator

    ^ Now that really does look like a proper album cover! Good one!!
  4. mro99

    The Name Game Thread #2

    Felipe Massa
  5. mro99

    Postponed Europe and UK Shows

    I'm Sad about this
  6. mro99

    sorry guys

    Hello James from Portsmouth! Good place to live eh? I'm Matt
  7. mro99

    Last song played on your iPod/MP3 player

    Adam's Song - Blink 182
  8. mro99

    Hey Jordan here

    Hey Ho Jordan from Home, I'm Matt from Work
  9. mro99


    Hey Natalie from California, I'm Matt from Hampshire! Welcome, welcome
  10. mro99

    i found this on tinypic =]

    Go OAP's!!
  11. mro99

    Hey people! New to the boards

    Hello Debbie, I'm Matt Welcome very much
  12. mro99

    Hey I'm new

    Hey Daniel, I'm double your age Welcome
  13. mro99

    hi, I'm new!

    Hey Sarah, welcome to PF.com
  14. mro99

    Download 08 ????????????

    I'm jealous Download got Chirs Cornell! He is f*ckin amazing! I was kinda hoping Reading might get him Oh well, hopefully he'll do a solo UK gig around the download time too.
  15. mro99

    Meet the original Parawhore!

    Hello Breana, nice name, it's pretty I'm Matt. Welcome.