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    Bought it, favorite is "Wanderlust" couple things from FB
  3. travel_hymn


    i mean, srsly! just about 2 weeks left. really glad to know that the old songs won't be locked up forever and that we'll still get to hear them, even if it's not an official release. hopefully this new direction they've taken with Neon is what they originally wanted with AA (like the Future preview, the "new music coming soon" stuff, the in the lab demos, etc).
  4. travel_hymn


    Perceptions on vinyl + Cities Built on Sand on CD versaemerge.bigcartel.com
  5. travel_hymn

    Is Hayley a Veg??

    i've reduced a ton of stuff incredibly, but not completely cut out. i have low-fat plain yogurt, and some cheese, but i don't have eggs, milk or butter. i have almond milk instead (tastes great and has more minerals/vitamins anyway). and i eat chicken once a week. other than that, no other meat really. i've also reduced my sugar, carbs, sodium and caffeine and increased my protein and fiber, and i take a multivitamin. this has made me lose about 8lbs of weight and my monthly cycle is now not destructive anymore (thank you Advil). i am feeling so much better.
  6. travel_hymn


    hopefully back to what they wanted it to be, like these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeBuHdrv-kU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hWC5XFgXgA
  7. travel_hymn


    Yeah exactly what I meant. What a weird battle/conflict they've gone through... Anyhow, we'll definitely be hearing new music from Versa now though, since they've cleared everything from FBR now that they've taken on the new name and were able to release the final video.
  8. travel_hymn


    Sierra said a few times over before all this happened that if she could change the name, it would just be "Versa". i think they've wanted to since they've become a duo, but weren't able to due to FBR's restrictions. A fan asked Blake on Twitter why their changed their name and he said "We chose to", then the guy says, "no reason?". Blake responds with "Our sound has changed a lot. Also it's just Sierra and I now. Much different from the early days : )" https://twitter.com/BlakeHarnage/status/395399552955465728 They definitely bought back the distribution rights from FBR to Perceptions though, which is why it was off iTunes + Spotify for a while and they just announced that it was back online.
  9. travel_hymn


    funnily enough i recently changed YOL to @versaclub cause i thought it would be more appropiate, and alas, this happens. i'm glad we're getting new music within the next 2 months. i'm really, really excited. LINKS: versa.fm facebook.com/versaband twitter.com/versa_band instagram.com/versaofficial
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    i'll just leave this here: http://yourownlove12.tumblr.com/post/57285602575
  12. travel_hymn


    lol, three months ago i said this i guess i was mostly right. also blake posted this yesterday http://blakeve.tumblr.com/post/57269078498/vultures-as-some-of-you-have-already-noticed
  13. travel_hymn


    made a lengthy post analyzing this "aneveratmosphere" person who is, apparently fake! http://yourownloveve.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/versaemerge-leave-fueled-by-ramen/ however, it is for sure definite that they've left the label and have self-produced a new album entirely. now we play the waiting game for an official announcement. since the cat's out of the bag, they can't stay quiet any longer.
  14. travel_hymn


    STILL NOTHING? CMON VERSA!! (waiting for ur e-mail blake)