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    My Third Drawing Of Hayley

    Holy crap, that's boss!
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    Hollywood Undead

    I love this band, mostly because of their crude lyrics They're funny and pretty damn good
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    My Paramore RIOT! Nails :)

    Thats AWESOME.
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    Taylor's Hair

    I love his new hair ;D It looks ten times better
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    Holy HAYLEY!

    I met a girl named Hayley, thats as close as I've ever gotten
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    Tokio Hotel

    Tokio Hotel A huge band in Germany that has sold over 3 million copies in their home country. Amazing because they are currently the HOTTEST [appearance wise too] to come out of Germany in 20 years! Here in America it only gets better Because now Tokio Hotel has released their new album Scream which mixes their previous German albums Schrei and Zimmer 483. Wait! It gets better! After many long, long, hard working months the lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, re-recorded all these songs in...English! This makes Tokio Hotel even more amazing then before. When the band went to go on a promotional tour for their album there were already TONS of fans waiting for them. Girls fainting in their presence, crowds yelling back the lyrics to all their songs...in German! Ah, the power of the internet.With over 100,000 Youtube videos linked to the band, Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother, Tom Kaulitz, who plays lead guitar both agree that if it wasn't for the internet they probably wouldn't have the success they have in the states now. Now comes the hard part for Tokio Hotel. Bringing home a successful album in the toughest music industry, the USA. They are already taking over in that department too. Their album has reached #5 on BillBoard's Top Selling Rock Albums and #32 on the BillBoard's Best Selling Albums. Is Tokio Hotel out to conquer the world?! Maybe. They've already received intense airtime on MTV for their music video Ready,Set,Go. They've been featured on TRL, rocked out to 4,000+ fans in Times Square, and sold out the Roxxy and many other venues. Might I mention this was BEFORE the album was released?! Now Tokio Hotel is back in Europe finishing up where they left off on their tour. Winning awards and playing to sold out arenas that hold over 10,000 people.(Sometimes even 40,000) You know, "The Normal Stuff" for them. Bringing home 4 Comet awards in one night is nothing for the band. Especially when they were only nominated for 3. Still they keep the fans in mind and thank them for their long lasting support. A thing that some artists have forgotten over the years to do. Want some more info on Tokio Hotel? Want the album? Want the band? Haha well I can guarantee the first two. Visit: http://www.tokiohotel.com [official site] http://www.youtube.com/tokiohotelchannel [music videos and weekly episodes of the band are posted] http://www.tokiohotelus.com [dedicated fansite] The album?! It can be bought anywhere! But Best Buy, iTunes, and Hot Topic all have their own unique copies of the album including bonus tracks and special DVDs of live performances. Happy Tokio Hoteling! [WARNING: YOU WILL BECOME OBSESSED]