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  1. This is random, but I think that I randomly came across one of your You-Tube videos, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HjM8K_0sio&feature=related

    Is that you?

  2. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    I count 14 'PSSHHWW's in Wish You Were Here
  3. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    Someone mentioned this earlier, but, the name of their next full album should just be 'Psshhhwwww!' I mean, seriously. I think it's on every chorus on the EP?
  4. Minty Mouth

    The pretty reckless

    Album is only growing on me. Since You're Gone, Miss Nothing, Light Me Up and Factory Girl are my current favourites.
  5. Minty Mouth

    The pretty reckless

    Tha album leaked, and it's great.
  6. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    Really? I've never met her or anything, but she always seemed quite (and I hate this phrase) 'down to Earth'. I think a couple of the members are getting frustrated with the poppiness of it all. I saw an interview where Mike bitched about how they were being compared to Miley Cyrus and called it all BS. But when I listen to Beneath it All they're hardly doing themselves any favours. I mean, Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing was rockier than this.
  7. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    'Forced out' of the band? 0_o Oh, dear. It seems Hey Monday members are dropping like flies. From what I heard of the songs doesn't seem like any real bass skills were utilized, though; so his absence won't really affect the band.
  8. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    Having heard Wondergirl, I really like it. I think I like it more than IDWD. Still undecided on Mr. Pushover. Not hugely keen on Where is My Head, but think it'll grow.
  9. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    From what I heard of the previews I really liked the EP. Haven't heard the full thing yet, though.
  10. Minty Mouth

    When do you think we'll see Paramore's 4th album?

    'I can't believe we almost hung it up. We're just getting started'. I hope that you are wrong and they really meant this
  11. Minty Mouth

    Official Hayley Williams Song

    Is the video professionally produced? It's great.
  12. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    Wow, the new song is so poppy! All those synths and scrambled vocals. It's absolutely freaking awesome.
  13. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    I hear you on that preference part. Going against what is practically this entire forum, I really don't like the way Versa's album has been mixed. The songs sound so watery and one dimensional . . . (Like I said, untrained ) Anyway, I digress. I'll check out their site, thanks.
  14. Minty Mouth

    Hey Monday

    When you say 'new stuff', what new stuff exactly? Is there something other than Wish You Were Here that has been released recently? Love WYWH. Don't agree with you on Hold On Tight's mixing though. Sounded fine to my, admittedly, untrained ear.
  15. Minty Mouth

    Where can i download paramore music?

    Have you tried right clicking the song in iTunes and selecting 'Show in Windows Explorer'? It will show you the place where the song is located on your computer. From there you can either drag it onto WMM or convert it and hopefully strip away whatever protection it had. I don't know if this works, I'm just spitballing.