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  1. Harry


    Cos u ghay
  2. Harry

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess I had reasons, most of which are good reasons, for not being on. Been busy as shit lately and haven't had a lot of time to be online lately
  3. Harry

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    Hehehe fatty ankles
  4. Harry

    Hot People Thread - Part 3

    would bang (no homo)
  5. Harry

    Hay guize

    Thanks Shut up idiot <3 It's pretty much doom and gloom. Despite the fact the band is full of the most upbeat guys you'll ever meet, but yeah haha.
  6. Harry

    Hay guize

    I see not much has changed. Still whining, still complaining.
  7. Harry

    Hay guize

    I am alive. Went to Soundwave festival last Friday, Paramore were on the festival bill, so yah I got drunk and went and saw them play. Also I joined a band as lead guitarist, but music probably isn't to the taste of most people here. Because you touch yourself at night
  8. Harry

    Hay guize

    Wow, I forgot this place existed. Apparently my last post was in 2011, wow. So yeah, heyyyyyyyyyyyy guys, what up
  9. Harry

    Hayley Shaved Her Head

    Eeeeeeehh yeahhh..........no. I've honestly never liked that look on any female. Hopefully this is just a phase haha
  10. Harry

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

  11. I have been through phases of favorite songs changing all the time, but I've noticed Let The Flames Begin, Careful, Decode and Emergency tend to be my most consistent favorites and I'm quite sure Monster will have enough staying power to join that list
  12. Harry

    Careful Piano Cover

    Not bad. Tempo is a bit slow. Overall arrangement is not bad, but doesn't totally hit me. The arpeggios can get a bit overbearing at times, but understandably with one instrument you'll tend to strive to fill as much space as possible. You wont please everyone, not totally my thing, but I can see how others would really like the arrangement. Good job : )
  13. Guess I'll be listening to this about 10-20 times a day for a while now. Gonna have to go learn it on guitar now too! Even after just hearing the song twice now, it's already in my top 5 Paramore songs list (the others being Emergency, Decode, Let The Flames Begin and Careful)
  14. Wuttt? Pretty sure the band has a lot of songs in E standard and also drop Db (well, drop C#, same thing heh) tuning/s. Interesting how rarely the band uses E minor as the key signature for their music, even though it's typically the 'easy' choice in rock and metal for bands that tune to E standard, since you can make use of the open E strings and the easy fingering of an E power chord on the low E. And then it seems when the band goes to finally make another song in E minor, many years after their only other song in E minor released in 2005 (All We Know), they go all drop C on our ass Kinda cool how it gives the chorus a genuine heavy rock feel, a major departure from their pop punk roots. Made me think of Evanescence, a band that uses a lot of E minor, but is dropped tuned to hit those lower power chords and notes