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  1. Tokio Hotel

    can you listen to paramore too much??

    thank you sooooo much, i love reading that stuff, and can someone tell me why paramore fans are called parawhores?
  2. can there be a topic/thread called you know you listen to Paramore too much when? and then you list something. cuz i love reading these types of things. but idk if there is one for Paramore yet. if so idk where/how i can find one
  3. Tokio Hotel

    Tokio Hotel

    I love Tokio Hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are my first favorite band, my second is obviously Paramore!!!! I agree with the above post that Billi is trapped and that Tomi, Georg and Gustav get to go out.
  4. Tokio Hotel


    Hi people, I'm new.