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  1. I read that on the paramore fourm. that made more sense than what i thought it was about. LOL
  2. I get the video. but i dont get at the end when we see them in the white clothing. is that their monsters? or what? that's the only part that i don't get it. But the video or story-line is about a monster haunting them in the hospital, and it's after them. I'm guessing the monster took them to the hospital too, and thats why you see them waking up. I love the video! anyway i watch im still like wow. i've watched it about 7 or 9 times. I can't wait to see listen/see the interview.
  3. finally!!! I hope they'll take photos of the set and post them soon.
  4. haha, me too. when I got up i was playing it over, over and over again lol.i freaking love the song, it was well worth the wait.
  5. Oh my god, so far it's awesome. I can't wait for the full song.
  6. I just saw the news on Facebook. I'm so excited to hear it! I hope it comes out like next week, or in the next 2 weeks.
  7. Sadly I haven't gotten anything yet. Just their CD's, and magazines they've been in.
  8. Decode9

    New EP Due This Summer

    Darker? Awesome! I always wanted Paramore to do some songs that were kind of dark, and such. I'm excited to hear the song.
  9. You're no better than the U2 fans that's insulting Paramore. You're doing the same thing what they're doing now. Come on, I thought we were better than that, and I thought we knew better. I mean, I thought the fans of Paramore weren't so judgmental. But I guess each to their own and it's your opinion, and I can't change that. I don't care what other fans of other bands think of Paramore. Why should I care what they think? I love Paramore and that's all that matters. But I guess I could understand where they're coming from. That song was about a day that was such a travesty for the Irish in a way, and protesters were killed because of what they believed in. I guess it annoys them that some random American band redid it, and I bet they think Paramore doesn't know what the song is truly about. I didn't know Paramore did a cover of that song. I love it, though. I think Bono is a great man. I think he has done so much than anyone else has. I don't think he thinks he's all that, and I also think he's a great singer. I love their music. I have one of their CDs.
  10. Decode9

    Help with other account?

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If he does that with the moonlightmaria email I can get back in.
  11. Okay, I think i did something stupid or my account was hacked. My other account is "Now I can fend for myself" I somehow got signed out of my account and I didn't know it, and i tried to sign in and I couldnt sign in. So then I did the forgot password deal, and that didn't work at all. It seems like none of my emails was signed up with the account, but one and that was "kate_wish@live.com. I don't think I used that email to sigh up here, and I did get a email from this site with the code, however the code some reason didn't work at all. Can someone please help me to get me back on my other account? I do not know if i did anything, but i highly doubt if it was me I wouldn't be going through this. My other email that I'm sure used was "moonlightmaria@hotmail.com" or "thewinchestsrocks@yahoo.com"