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  1. Akijira

    WARPED TOUR 2011!

    Once again..! Lucky bastards
  2. A drawing of you and her rocking out together (Yes rocking, no metaphor unless you want it to be) and a plektor with your autograph with a yellow sticky note on it, "When I get famous"
  3. Well it's 80% of the images uploaded to imagehosting services
  4. Akijira

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    A Carlsberg! Sup America
  5. Akijira

    hey from sweden!

    No you're like Denmarks babybrother. We had Skåne once. We gave it back to you. Why..? Because you were on your knees crying!
  6. Akijira

    hey from sweden!

    I feel... left out
  7. Akijira

    How I Met Your Mother

    Any rumours on when season 7 will begin?
  8. Akijira

    My Band's new EP - now on bandcamp

    Sounds great, except for the language Have you done any demo in English?
  9. Akijira

    Hi again!

    Welcome back! I haven't seen you around before.. but then again I'm quite new
  10. Shoes? Images? I don't see any in several posts. All I see is "Posted Image" text nothing else
  11. Akijira

    WARPED TOUR 2011!

    Jossa let's go!
  12. haha! Okay. Green Day, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, In Flames, you me at six, bullet for my valentine, adept mostly but lots more ^^ going to see bfmv in july for the second time i'm super excited :D

  13. Akijira

    WARPED TOUR 2011!

    It's dangerous and soooo different!
  14. Akijira

    How I Met Your Mother

    Maybe he's marrying the two lesbians. That would be Barney style.
  15. Akijira

    How I Met Your Mother

    Or maybe it's neither of those?