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  1. -parawhore-

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    theres some kid who goes to my school that looks just like him...and he plays soccer too.
  2. -parawhore-

    A Rocket To The Moon

    love<33 but i wish they didnt add so much synth to nicks voice its a bit annoying but ill deal they were just signed to fbr/decaydance a few months back really good. go listen! DISCUSS!
  3. -parawhore-

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    my husband.
  4. -parawhore-

    an unopened letter to the world.

    Dear dipshit, are you fucking stupid? Philly is obviously closer to you than Princeton you fucktard. Thanks for thinking you made the band you discovered from my fucking facebook you asshole. Stop thinking youre so cool and smart and popular because you're not, you're just an idiot. Love, Casey
  5. -parawhore-

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

  6. -parawhore-

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

  7. Yeaahh I went to Philly with my friends which was pretty fun!

    Goood! Aww that's not fun, I've experienced that too. Do you wanna talk about it? if not it's cool. :hug: WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?! YOU LUCKY BETCH! (;

  8. That's good! =D

    Did you do anything special for your birthday? (:

    I've been good. I had a crappy first day of school today though. :l BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I MET ANDREW MCMAHON LAST WEEK. :D

  9. Aww you're welcome! <3

    How is your day going?! :hug:


    I hope you have a fantastic day! I miss you! xox

  11. -parawhore-

    Happy Birthday Casey (-parawhore-)!

    Hahah aw thaanks guys!
  12. -parawhore-

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    Aw thanks faith and guro!
  13. -parawhore-

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    So cute everyone! (: me.
  14. -parawhore-

    an unopened letter to the world.

    Dear boy, why are you so fucking confussinnggg!? I don't know what to make out of all this facebook shit cause it's so up and down with you. I think I like you but you're really confusing me and I don't know if you like me back. Make it a little clearer. K thanks. Love, Casey
  15. -parawhore-

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I hope he talks to me again and I hope he likes me.
  16. -parawhore-

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I just realized that the lipstick I bought 2 months ago is named temptation. Hahahah
  17. -parawhore-

    circa survive

    Ant fucked up his ankle. he said; " this is what happens when you kick box with nick beard. he bested me this time. how am I gona dance at these uk shows. someone build me a robot foot. of all people to hate hurting their ankle, Anthony green would hate it the most.
  18. -parawhore-

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I love the Dave Matthews band so much.
  19. I've made one other attempt but I'm not sure if it'll work well.

  20. I get the feeling there's a new, better way to work this than posting on profiles. I shall investigate and hope it's not as confusing.

  21. I don't get it either haha.

  22. idek what's going onnnnnnnnnnn

  23. -parawhore-

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    Max bemis gave me his red bull AND a high five. So rad.
  24. -parawhore-

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    Thanks! I did!
  25. -parawhore-

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    Aww thank youu!!