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  1. FueledByHoriyo

    Does anyone have...

    Thank you!
  2. FueledByHoriyo

    Does anyone have...

    the picture in the kerrang 2008 calendar?
  3. FueledByHoriyo

    Your Current Obsession

    Mayday Parade
  4. FueledByHoriyo

    Panic At The Disco

    :rotfl::rotfl: no, not that i know of
  5. FueledByHoriyo

    You know you're a Parawhore when...

    -You've made it your mission in life to get a friend to listen (and like) at least one Paramore song - After seeing misery business on a music channel, you've spent hours flicking up and down all the music channels but not stopping to watch any videos in case you miss Paramore being played on another channel -You plan on ripping of each month as it ends on your Kerrang! calendar so the Paramore picture is always up (until it gets to the panic at the disco picture that is)
  6. FueledByHoriyo

    You know you're a Parawhore when...

    Haha, its like you've witnessed me do that.
  7. FueledByHoriyo

    All Time Low

    All time low and mayday parader are both on second stage in GIAN festival! Does that mean that they count as the "4 acts for 4 pounds" deal?
  8. FueledByHoriyo

    Paramore Headlining GIAN

    Wow, thats a pretty big jump for Paramore in just two years. I'll probably get tickets for saturday though; Paramore, All Time Low & Mayday Parade!!! And Very Special guests which I'm assuming will be bigger then sunday's special guests.
  9. FueledByHoriyo

    How to Convert the Non-Paramore fan.

    Haha! Me too. I remember seeing a bit of the Emergency video on TV once and i thought they looked really weird. But I also used to think Fall Out Boy looked silly and Panic at the Disco were weird when I first saw them. And I heard bits of Taking Back Sunday performing live once on some video and I thought they sounded terrible, but they're all my favourite bands now lol. And back on track, I don't think it's possible to convert a non-paramore fan. I've been trying since like May 07 to get my friend to listen to them. She was listening to my mp3 on shuffle and was like "eurgh whats this?" when Born For This came on and she refuses to listen to them since. But I am still trying...
  10. FueledByHoriyo

    Paramore Headlining GIAN

    Whats that £4 for 4 acts about?
  11. FueledByHoriyo

    The Song Alphabet

    Don't Speak Liar - We The Kings
  12. thats my birthday, but yeah thats wicked.
  13. FueledByHoriyo

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    you would think they'd have at least two london dates. i really hope they schedule another london date on the saturday too.
  14. FueledByHoriyo

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    how long do you think tickets to the london show will be available, i wont be able to get mine until monday or at earliest saturday :s i wish it wasnt advertised on the homepage of gigsandtours...
  15. FueledByHoriyo

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    Me too, I'm gonna have a hard enough time getting my mum to let me go to a show let alone one in Brixton. Swanage is amazing! GCSE geography?