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    Hi im Jaime, I love paramore and music... If you wonna get to know me... just message me :)
  1. New phone + Number :) might send some texts out later... but inbox me if you want it... :)

  2. Last night was deffinatly eventful...

  3. All coursework done and handed in! finally!!!! Although now have to revision for exams, before coursework stars all over again....

  4. I actually want to die right now... why is there no flipping references for what i need... why is it so hard to write an introduction to my paper! Arrghh!!!!!!!!!!!! and to think i have to do this all again in my third year... kill me now

  5. Really hate this ecosystems coursework wish it would do one already!

  6. Wishes this piece of work would do its self... really dont want to do it :(

  7. does anyone know how to get free perfume samples online?

  8. Well thats it... no longer a teenager... i wish i could say i started celebrating already... but still stuck doing coursework! :/

  9. !!jaime!!

    Your Dream Paramore Setlist

    Hmmm its hard becasue i love the setlist every show... but maybe BNE intro Ignorance Feeling Sorry Emergency Playing God Crush Careful TWYG All we know is falling mix about 5 mins (all we know, Never let this go, Conspiricy, brighter, whoa, Here we go again) Decode w/miricle outro Franklin acoustic Misguided Ghosts Turn it off (acoustic) Where the lines overlap (acoustic) We are broken Riot/extras medley about 5 mins (When it rains, Miricle, Fences, Born for this, When it rains, Stop this song, Decoy) Looking up For A pes Pressure LTFB (with outro) Hallelujah TOE My Heart -Encore- Miz Biz BBB All i wanted Maybe its a bit long... but would be pretty amazing to see in my opinion... but making medleys of all we know or riot or even just of a mash of songs they dont play but know we love would be pretty awesomee
  10. !!jaime!!


    I'm the same, i saw we the kings with youmeatsix and there okay but im meainly going for versa.... so i really hope they both play a decent set... which i can see... coz they both have like special packages so they may well both play a 12 song set or summat. And im hoping they'll maybe play a one off london headline show while down, coz i could stay at my gf's and go... lets hope lol
  11. !!jaime!!


    Going to see them in manchester next year supporting we the kings cant wait im going for versaemerge tbh anyway... what sorta set length do you think they will do? something similar to their curent tour? considering they are supporting?
  12. !!jaime!!

    Paramore UK Meet & Greet?

    I won for manchester cant wait!
  13. !!jaime!!

    Paramore at Reading Festival

    Possibly... i was gutted i couldnt hear them and everything but i just tried to make the most of it tbh
  14. !!jaime!!

    Paramore at Reading Festival

    I was at leeds and she didnt come out with YM@6 and didnt play LTFB, Pressure or looking up! because they went on late due to technical difficulties plus the vocals and sound was no where near loud enough! but it was still amazing i love these guys they really put on a show cant wait till november! But we did get Feeling sorry... unless BBC mean feeling sorry instead of looking up
  15. !!jaime!!

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    I personally like airplanes... and im looking forward to the fact hayley might come out and perform it with B.O.B But tbh im not over impressed with B.O.B supporting but hey its a paramore show i've paid to see them And i dont think people should "boo" just because they dont like B.O.B or the song... because other people might well love it and tbh it would probs be a horrible thing for hayley and they have always said the UK is awesome and we would want to effect that Sorry for my bit of a rant lol but its just people go to festivals and boo and bottle bands they dont like... or slam bands they dont like (a lot of people in the leeds fest forum slam paramore) and i just think its stupid because other people like them and it spoils it for them... we should all just enjoy the music and have fun... at the end of the day we may have to sit through bands and artists we dont like... but ultimatly we get the artists we want If any of that makes sense And i dont mean to offend anyone or anything