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  1. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    Grow some fucking balls. Not long ago were you so fucking far up alex's ass that you could see sunlight.
  2. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    Ive never been nice on these boards. Maybe the first 4 months, but then people started being cunts, and im being one back. I'm sorry, but being a mod on a fucking forum isnt exactly the best occupation in the world is it? Ross was a quiet fucker until he got almighty power. Half of these boards need to get a life and get off the fucking computer. Get the fuck out of your grandma's basement and get to some sunlight you palefucks.
  3. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    says mr i met my girlfriend on the internet. nice going mate (Y)
  4. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    you're lame then arent ya
  5. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    who knows.
  6. Lahninja

    A note of warning.

    alex has a partner
  7. Lahninja

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    Yeah im pretty good too thanks, just abit bored. My girlfriend's brother came over today, so i cant see her tonight, when we've been together a month today, lol. It's cool though, i'll see her tomorrow ;D I hope, haha And glad to hear you've found someone new ;D good good
  8. Lahninja

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    Hey guys :] Thought i'd come back in here and post for a bit, haven't done so in a while. So how is everyone?
  9. Lahninja


    go to the confession thread again lmfao!
  10. Lahninja

    The Happy Thread!! part 2

    the confession thread just cheered me the fuck up!
  11. Lahninja

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    ^ should check out the confession thread!!
  12. Lahninja

    An Angel Ascends to Heaven. R.I.P. Serah

    idk i got confused
  13. Lahninja

    An Angel Ascends to Heaven. R.I.P. Serah

    Wow, since i've been gone, there's been alot going on hasnt there. I spoke to Serah a few times on various threads and sent her P.Ms occasionally, and never did I expect this. She never told me about anything like this possibly ever happening to her, so this was quite unexpected. Laura, i'm so sorry you had to lose a best friend like that; Trust me, i know how it feels. My best friend Ben was shot by his own father the day he was coming over to the IOW to see me. His father also shot the rest of the family, in which i was very very close to. He was the most amazing person i'd ever met in my whole entire life, and then for him to suddenly be taken away like that hurts to high heavens. If you ever need to talk, or get anything off your chest at all, you can always add me on msn/facebook. I'll PM them both to you. I'm sorry this had to happen to you Laura, I really am. :hug: My condolences go out to Laura, Serah's family and friends. She was quite the person, and i find it hard to like people. RIP babes - Gone, but never forgotten. ♥
  14. Lahninja

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    i've been sucked in. Twilight. =[