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  1. $ammie$pades

    Randomness aka the infamous Spam thread - Part 5

    Oh wow, what the heck is going on? Is November Teeth Month? Everyone's going to the dentist. Including me. Blech...
  2. $ammie$pades

    pirates vs. ninjas

    And with his sticky-out butt it should be interesting to see! hahaha
  3. $ammie$pades

    Misery Business... in Sims Form!

    Oh cool! I like how they but the Riot! background, even though it's the wrong one. I also wish they detailed the guys better. Hayley looks almost perfect! I love these things. Am I the only one that thinks it look JUST like Avril?
  4. $ammie$pades

    Jason Bynum <3

    ^ He def did. When him and Josh did the Backstreet Boys thing during Here We Go Again, I was just like, whoa, they're good.
  5. $ammie$pades


    Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of presents and money! lol
  6. $ammie$pades

    Guitar Hero Customs

    That's what happened to me. : / Guess you can't be good at both. lol
  7. $ammie$pades

    Official Paramore Merch Thread

    Wow I love the all-over print hoodie. Everyday I find more reasons to get angry that I can't go to any shows this tour.
  8. $ammie$pades

    Guitar Hero Customs

    So do I but there's people who can't play real guitar who would love to have custom songs on there. And I did everything up to the burning process. The only reason it looks like it takes so long is because the tutorial makers are trying to fully explain what you have to do. It's fairly easy.
  9. $ammie$pades


    WOW. What kind of setup are ya using? It's awwwwesome.
  10. $ammie$pades

    Stuck In A Lift With Hayley?

    I'd probably act like I didn't know who she was and just talk to her like any other normal person I meet to make her feel comfortable, then when we get out, I would tell her I knew exactly who she is and freak her out! hahaa
  11. $ammie$pades

    south of nowhere

    lol I don't know. I am just rambling. Tons of actors and actresses are leaving The-N's shows to go to college and stuff. Most of them are fairly young so it's understandable.
  12. $ammie$pades

    south of nowhere

    I completely forgot about Clay until you mentioned him... I don't know. He never seemed like an important character. Chelsea was sort of more involved than he was.
  13. $ammie$pades

    south of nowhere

    IS Season Two is okay, it's just not as good. And I love reading spoilers but when I do, I always feel like, NO WHY DID I READ THAT?!
  14. $ammie$pades

    Degrassi (Old School and TNG) Appreciation Thread

    It says: Which show would you be pee-in-your-pants excited to see on The-N next year? Saved By The Bell That 70's Show Radio Free Roscoe What I Like About You 8 Simple Rules Unfabulous Drake and Josh Full House The Amanda Show Romeo http://www.the-n.com/ntv/n24/ Did I say all of them are good choices? I seem to have forgotten some of the crap options. lol Romeo, Drake and Josh, Unfabulous and That 70's Show aren't good choices. You can vote as many times as you want. I want either What I Like About You or The Amanda Show.
  15. $ammie$pades


    I also posted another picture of it in the Tour Commercial thread. It's with the whole band. Her hair looks SO much better this way.