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  1. i heart guese


    THIS. why can't they find another script writer, i'm sure there are more better script writer than her :nono:
  2. i heart guese

    What was the first song you heard by...

    errr. it would be boys will be boys, i think. spice girls?
  3. i heart guese


    ^ i'm feeling the same way. kinda losing hope with the movie. i'm just going to stick with the books.
  4. i heart guese


    LOLOLOLOL seriously, that was just freaking hillarious .
  5. i heart guese

    3 Things You Did Today - Part 3

    woke up did some homeworks ate breakfast
  6. i heart guese

    True or false? Part 2

    true drink coffee every morning.
  7. i heart guese


    no problem
  8. i heart guese

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    you know my name - chris cornell
  9. i heart guese


    here they are
  10. i heart guese


    i have to see that one!
  11. i heart guese


    hayley ^ and i'm making yours right now, samantha
  12. i heart guese


    Taylor Allie
  13. i heart guese

    Riot! Song elemination round 1

    i voted for hallelujah. i don't like this song as much as i used to like it.