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  1. anyone know when its due for release?
  2. misstezzypants

    Last Person Who Posts Here Wins part 2

  3. misstezzypants

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    is a boy
  4. misstezzypants

    Rate the Sig Above Thread Part 5

  5. misstezzypants

    The Photography Thread

    what a cute mouse :0)
  6. misstezzypants

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    ^ ditto
  7. misstezzypants

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    i confess im lonely and i dont have any friends. not.a.single.one
  8. misstezzypants

    Has anyone else noticed her voice lately?

    Ive noticed she shouts alot too, mainly when shes out of breathe. But she still sounds amazing and mature
  9. misstezzypants

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    love is love
  10. Yeah, I totally understand. Happy Birthday, btw! :D

  11. misstezzypants

    Paramore at Manchester 2010

    im going... kinda bummed that they didnt all get announced at the same time, but hey, whatever! haha
  12. misstezzypants

    Hey everyone...

    thanks guys... im going to be here more oftern... haha :]
  13. Aw thank you for messaging.... i just need some new buddies ya know??

  14. misstezzypants

    Hey everyone...

    sorry lol....... better?