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  1. <3TinkerHell<3

    Hayley Fashion Part II

    oh my god i well want the my boyfriend is a superhero tshirt as well but it sucks cuz i live in england so dont have hot topic
  2. <3TinkerHell<3

    Hayley's new piercing?

    i still havent decided if i like it or not.. was a little weirded out when i saw it though still a piercing doesnt change a person
  3. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    hmm it would be cool if they came to cambridge:D
  4. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    o good hopefully this time i may actually know where the places they are playing are
  5. <3TinkerHell<3

    The Photography Thread

    omg everyones photography is so good i got a interview tomorrow to go back to college to study it but mine sucks compared to some of you guys i would show you but i dont have any on this computer
  6. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    yay i hope i go see them this time its a cool video and i love that song thankies for showing it to me
  7. <3TinkerHell<3

    Multi-Colored Pants...

    i never care whats in style or out of it i just wear what i like lol and also criminal damage do loads of different colour skinny jeans
  8. <3TinkerHell<3


    wow your site is well good
  9. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    na i aint seen that video yet im so so so now jealous youve seen them 3times
  10. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    omg that means you saw you me at six im so jealous:(
  11. <3TinkerHell<3

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    orange juice
  12. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    yups i did indeedly did you?
  13. <3TinkerHell<3

    What Are You Listening To? part 6

    the lock down denial - cute is what we aim for
  14. <3TinkerHell<3

    hey did anyone go 2....

    i only went for the saturday so i missed 30stm which sucked
  15. <3TinkerHell<3

    3 Things You Did Today - Part 2

    -Brought some new Converse -Saw my Boyfriend -Ate too much chocolate