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  1. vivalagloria


    This song is awesome, I am very hopeful for their new album.
  2. vivalagloria

    Forbidden's graphics :)

    So here are new Lady Gaga sig and Kaya Scodelario wallpaper:
  3. vivalagloria

    Forbidden's graphics :)

    Thank you! Here is a new one:
  4. Paramore is in the same way as Evanescence.
  5. Aw i hope you'll have fun then ♥

  6. vivalagloria

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    k, I'm gonna make Franny's and Catie's wallpaper.
  7. Lucky you! I have next monday off which is gonna be a day full of work though :/

    aw what makes you happy? :)

  8. are you on a holiday?

    My day was stressful...the whole past weeks and upcoming moth actually were and are because it's exams time and i just have another tomorrow :/

    but i'm ridiculously happy like a cild atm :D

  9. ay, i love them, thank you! :D ♥

  10. vivalagloria

    Forbidden's graphics :)

    ^cuz she was like a devil in the video! LOL wasn't she? thanks btw <33333 And here is Franny's request :>
  11. aw thanks dear! ♥

    I don't care about the photos, use anything you want :)

    the ava of hayley can be normal sized and the sig maybe around 420x150 or something like that, not too big at all :) and i don't care about the text either, use any pg lyrics you want :D

  12. vivalagloria

    Forbidden's graphics :)

    ^hehe <3 Oh I got my PS back finally and made some icons from the Playing God video.
  13. vivalagloria

    Playing God next single

    no problem! :> yeah, teatime scene reminded me of Paparazzi too.