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Hi ! I'm an old french fan (since 2006) but I've never met someone who likes Paramore as I do ! I follow them since the early beggining and never really talked to parafamily members even if I love all of you without even knowing you :roll: Also, I've never saw them live and this is maybe one of my most important regret (too young, not enough money, too much work....) :willy_nilly: I thought, since they finished recording album 5, it might be time for me to take a step and try to introduce myself in the parafamily..
So here I am, I'm Julie, 20 years old, french girl and kind of an "anonymous fan" since forever. Nice to meet those who will answer :grin:

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@jugrinba jus start topics relevant to the band or join in other conversations. unfortunately this forum isnt as active as it used to be but some of us frequent from time to time. if u want a more active site than i'd suggest Paramore's official unofficial page on Reddit 

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