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    t's nice to meet you, sir I best be on my way out
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    Christopher J. Zero
  1. Chris Zero

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    I Could use anew Sig, if anyone would like to make me one i'll be really thankful
  2. Chris Zero

    Samantha's Graphics

    Really good Graphics, :)I'm Gonna use one if, You don't mind.
  3. omgg i was here at the Atlantic city event maybe i'll find myself lol
  4. hey everybody how is everyone!!

  5. Chris Zero

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    Wow these was all great i never seen any of these
  6. Chris Zero

    Fullsize Paramore Pictures - Part 3

    Did i see bieber on these boards or i'm going crazy>?
  7. Chris Zero

    ummmm..... hello. :)

    Welcome.........' To Zee Boardz
  8. Chris Zero


    Likee! Omg' Hi!! welcome I'm Chris
  9. Chris Zero

    These boards are dead.

    maybe if we start giving out free hats? lol
  10. Chris Zero

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone sorry I Haven't been Posting n i miss everyone how is everyone doing?
  11. Chris Zero

    New Paramore Shirt

    I Just ordered it. and it came up to like 26' bucks with shipping but ilike this shirt alot!
  12. Chris Zero


    Nice Video, Welcome
  13. Chris Zero

    Hello y'all !

    Heyy' Laura! how u doing lol. Well I'm Chris "Z theres another chris who is wayy cooler then me. Well If U need anything ask one of our admin !
  14. Chris Zero

    hayley's muscles

    Someone likes to Show there Muscles lol
  15. Chris Zero

    Hayley's New Tattoo

    Wow That is Soo awesome i really wanna get the same one