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  1. sandra


  2. sandra


    I really hate saying this but I think I might not be able to go after all. Been thinking it over and at this moment I don't have enough money. I know there's payment plans but there's still the deposit and with my London trip and the fact that I'm getting a puppy next month I seriously don't think I can afford it=/ Haven't decided 100% yet but it doesn't look good. And it sucks if I can't go, I want to soo bad!
  3. sandra

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess I feel like an ass because I'm kind of happy my friends relationship is over..because that means I might have a chance now.
  4. sandra

    UK Tour - September 2013

    I saw them in June so I'm happy about the change! And also, they played Part 2 , Last Hope and When It Rains so that's more than enough for me <3
  5. sandra


    Yeah some guys have it easy! I'll have to practice the last weekend of Sept, I'll be in London for only 3 days. If I'll manage to pack light for that trip I'll manage for the cruise too. That's a good idea about something a bit more fancy for the main dining room. Hadn't even thought about that! btw, you seem to know a lot about this ship we'll be traveling with, do you know how they deal with food for people who have food allergies?
  6. sandra


    Oh yeah that's true! That's also something to consider.. hmm well I'll probably pack very light anyways, maybe just a medium sized backpack or bag. Though I am a horrible packer haha I always pack too much..
  7. sandra


    I still have a few things to figure out considering money,but yes I'm in.. we can be roommates! And I agree, maybe 3 in a room is what's best but if we can save some money then I won't be opposed to having a 4th person with us. Like Dustin said we'll only be sleeping in there anyways!
  8. sandra

    UK Tour - September 2013

    I was wondering if the setlist they played at the Itunes Festival is the official setlist for the rest of the UK/Euro tour?? Coz if it is I'm very happy about that
  9. sandra


    It's a once in a lifetime opertunity so I'm like 98% sure that i'll be going! And with the payment plan it won't be that bad considering I don't have to pay it all at once.
  10. Yeah, I mean for me it's not super slow or anything, it just takes a while longer than it usually does when I click on links to for example view the different threads. But it's now so slow that I have to wait ages for stuff to load..
  11. It's running kind of slow for me. Especially when posting a reply but also when browsing. I'm on a MacBook Air that's about 1 year old and my internet connection is fine. It's just this place that's slow for me.
  12. sandra


    ^ Yes thank you, that answered my question perfectly! It's so tempting to go, but on top of the price for the cruise I'd have to book plane tickets from Norway too. But I guess I could make a holiday out of it and stay longer in The US when the cruise is over.. hmm decisions decisions.
  13. sandra

    Who have you seen live?

    I made a deal with myself that in 2013 I had to at least see 1 live show a month! Now I only have to book one for December and attend the ones in September,October and November and I've reached my goal ;D This is my list of concerts I've been to since 2007. Travis Rufus Wainwright Paramore x4 Pink x2 Lady Gaga Billy Talent Maria Mena x4 The XX FUN. Walk The Moon x2 You Me At Six Now Now Every Children Paper Route Mumford and Sons MS MR First Aid Kit Conor Oberst Vampire Weekend MEW Muse Karpe Diem Kendrick Lamar LidoLido Bryan Ferry Laleh Donkeyboy Adele Rise Against Satyricon My Little Pony Team Me Jonas Alaska The Little Hands Of Asphalt Christina Perri Glee Live NO Father John Misty Noah And The Whale John Talabot 30 Seconds To Mars Upcoming shows: Paramore Vampire Weekend Maria Mena Passenger
  14. sandra


    So you'd have to travel with someone over 21? I'll be 25 by then If you're let's say 3 people in a cabin..how much would each person have to pay? I'm still confused about all of this haha
  15. sandra

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    Currently reading "Marekors" By Jo Nesbø. Norwegian crime/mystery writer! Love his books!