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  1. nemesis90

    Hot People Thread

    MAXXIE FROM SKINSSSSS, MAXXIE FROM SKINSSSSSSSSSS!!!! He so adorable EDIT: OMG just spotted the half naked ones a few pages back! Wow. But what's with the bullet hole?? :/ (Btw lol at me for opening this thread)
  2. nemesis90

    Automatic Loveletter!

    Are you REALLY lonelygirl15? Lmao XD
  3. nemesis90

    Another paramore implosion.....?

    I actually feel so bad about all this. I always imagine the worst, I can't help it. I nearly started crying today, listening to their music. I hope everythings ok.
  4. nemesis90

    Britney, Hayley's childhood hero?

    1st kerrang cover issue.
  5. nemesis90

    Special Edition Live Paramore CD.

    I love that I picked up my london one from the show and that a manchester one turned up at my door today! Woohoo! Free stuff
  6. nemesis90

    Misery Business UK singles chart....

    I still need to download mine which came with the live cd
  7. nemesis90

    NME Photos, 1/2/08, Brixton Academy

    Lol at me in these I look so stupid!!
  8. nemesis90

    Hayley Having Throat Problems Again?

    Aw bless her I only just noticed that now bt iv listened to my london cd about 10 times now rofl Has anyone else noticed the really painful sounding screams from the crowd?!?! :/
  9. nemesis90

    Hot People Thread

    Luke luke luke I miss luke
  10. nemesis90

    Your sexuality?

    I have so many lesbian friends its shocking. I have zero gay tho :[
  11. nemesis90

    Your sexuality?

    I hate the word gay but yer.. I like boys.
  12. nemesis90

    Rock Sound January '08

    I need that!
  13. nemesis90

    Misery Business Re-Release

    So do the buys from last time go towards this?
  14. nemesis90

    Hayley's Birthday/Christmas Gifts

    Mann your all getting older! its kinda scary, soon youll be old and wrinkly! happy b day
  15. nemesis90

    Misery Business Re-Release

    i think theyre doing this cos they need something to promote in feb wen they come over and its too soon 4 a new single