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  1. WayneFarro

    Diana Vickers

    No.1 ALBUM No.1 SINGLE :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D a giant fuck you to all the haters! hahaha so happy
  2. WayneFarro

    Is Paramore Your Favourite Band?

    they were for years til recently. i still love them loads but HIM are now my favourite band
  3. WayneFarro

    Eyes Set To Kill

    woooooo they're supporting I Am Ghost on their UK tour can't wait to finally see ESTK live
  4. WayneFarro


    hahaha that would never happen! ian watkins hates jared leto! i love the new lostprophets album..maybe their best yet i'm meeting them and getting the album signed in a couple of hours....can't wait!!!!! i'll post pics next time i'm on
  5. WayneFarro

    Lj post - Jan 8th

    nooooo i loved her as a blonde
  6. WayneFarro

    People's Choice Awards

    woooooooooo awesome
  7. WayneFarro

    Paramore: Grace

    next time i'm on i'll post the quotes about this site
  8. WayneFarro


    can't wait to see them on Feb 19th new album is gonna be awesome..Heartkiller is amazing
  9. WayneFarro


    Turn The Lights Out is awesome! can't wait for the new album
  10. WayneFarro

    John Mayer

    i find him so annoying..sorry
  11. WayneFarro

    The Old School Crew.. You Know who You Are

    Jan 07 i joined? that counts right? i miss the old days on here tbh
  12. WayneFarro

    Hayley's new tweet about NME...

    i didn't actually get that NME..i meant to but forgot..maybe it was best i didn't
  13. WayneFarro

    Your Paramore Collection

    i have so much stuff! i'll do a list some other time
  14. WayneFarro

    Paramore: Grace

    yeah i was about to say that they mentioned this site and ashley i learn so much about the band by reading it and even though i noticed quite a few mistakes i thought it was an awesome book