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  1. TouchOverrated

    Jammin Java Show

    I went to this show and I really wanted to hear My Heart and Brighter :/ But it was still great. And Jammin Java is weird, they said it was 'sold out' and they couldn't let more people in when there was plenty of room on the floor, so some people just sat in the back and watched from there for free.
  2. TouchOverrated

    May shows with The Rocket Summer?

    Hey I'm going to the Jammin' Java show too! I'm excited that I don't have to go to Baltimore to see this.
  3. TouchOverrated

    Paramore Covers

    That's pretty good. Anyone know who this band is? I want to hear some of their original stuff.
  4. Thanks for the song. Wow why have I not been listening to this band more? This song is amazing. Hayley just adds to the amazingness.
  5. TouchOverrated


    I read on absolutepunk.net that when they finally logged online and saw all the messages they had received from fans that it just meant the world to them. He even printed out pages to bring to the bassist in the hospital. Too much tragic things have happened lately, it's sad. RIP John (I shouldn't have to post two RIP posts in a day )
  6. TouchOverrated

    Pics from Warped

    This is true.
  7. TouchOverrated


    I'm seeing them on Thursday with Thrice, The Bled, and Veda. It'll be a good time.
  8. TouchOverrated

    Hayley's Birthday

    Josh is 4 days after me (Sep 25). I would hate to have my birthday right after Christmas, not as many presents.
  9. TouchOverrated

    New topics are for winners.

    I've posted around a little but introductions are pretty sweet so I'm Sam, 18 from VA, freshman at GMU. I go to lots of shows in the general DC/VA/MD area and I'm on all the major sites such as Xanga, Myspace, and Facebook. Gotta love all those. Also, if you're ever bored check out http://www.sspfilms.com. It's a site my friends and I run with plenty of videos we make, articles we write and more. I'm going to work on getting an actual music section up sometime in the future, so it'll be even more awesome. And if you like what you see please join the forum, we love people.[/url]
  10. TouchOverrated

    I guess this topic goes here? What was your first cd?

    I lost respect for Joel when he was 26 and going out with someone who was 17 (she just turned 18 a month ago). And Kelly Clarkson rocks. She owns new Good Charlotte (I like them, but couldn't stand their last CD, I even liked Chronicles). I'm not totally sure if this was indeed my first CD, but I like to say it is because it is one of the greatest CDs of all time. Big Willie Style by Will Smith Doesn't get much better than that.
  11. TouchOverrated

    bands with female vocals

    I <3 Zolof, they're just fun. I also <3 Anthony Green, he's freaking amazing. Circa Survive are one of the best bands out there. He was a few people away from me at warped watching Paramore. I like Eisley, Jinxed (RIP), Tegan & Sara, Tilly & the Wall (2/3 of the singers are girls), and Straylight Run among others. Also, don't hate me but I like Ashlee Simpson. I know she can't sing live (or at all really), but her songs are catchy and I'm a sucker for catchy tunes.
  12. TouchOverrated

    Pics from Warped

    The sound on the shiragirl stage was not very good. I mean Paramore was still quite good, but the sound system was awful, and the stage was super tiny.
  13. TouchOverrated

    **The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread**

    A lot of those are good. I'm sick of seeing all the same types of wallpapers for bands with some ugly font and way too many pictures that overpowers the whole thing. Because then you're desktop just looks crazy, almost like it's shouting LOOK AT ME. I like simple and tasteful backgrounds, good job.