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  1. No_Sir!

    Happy Birthday Guro!

    Happy Birthday, Guro!!! I hope it's awesome!!
  2. No_Sir!


    I have to agree with Faith on this one.
  3. No_Sir!

    Happy birthday Maddie! :D

    oh my gosh, guys. Thanks so much!!!! I miss yall all so much! I'm gonna hopefully start getting back on here!
  4. No_Sir!

    7 to 1 Part 2

  5. No_Sir!

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    ^has a sweet sig!
  6. No_Sir!

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    ^is from Colorado.
  7. No_Sir!

    Ping Pong Part 3

  8. No_Sir!

    All Time Low

    I think you might.
  9. No_Sir!

    All Time Low

    That is true. And I am disappointed. And so is Katherine. SAd day.
  10. No_Sir!

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    Your pictures are great! The fan situation was awful. Here are my pictures with the band. Seriously, these guys are the nicest guys ever. Derek was soo humble. Well, they all were. Alex!!!!! (no, not Balex)
  11. No_Sir!

    Mayday Parade

    Which is something we already knew. lol
  12. No_Sir!

    Mayday Parade

    Oh. my. word. that show was insane!!!!! I think the best part about the other acts was that we were totally scouting mayday parade walking over the stage. And then you grabbed my shoulders and was like, "Maddie, how old is Alex?" hahahaha Then "Jake!!! Follow him!!!!!!"
  13. No_Sir!

    Mayday Parade

    Oh yes! I'm still trying to get Austin to come. What a loser. haha Why of course! How many people on here have seen Mayday together? I mean we've only seen each 3 times. Well, this will be the third time. And we can't forget KC because it wouldn't be a party without KC. If only we were making a video this time. Now, that would be fun.
  14. No_Sir!

    Mayday Parade

    on the bight sides of all the fails..................two more days.
  15. No_Sir!

    Jack's Mannequin

    I agree completely.