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Harry's music thread

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Harry    25,953

Alrighty, so that time has come.

These days I'm fairly heavily into audio engineering, as some of you may now.

As of now I'm still a hobbyist, but I've been working my ass off at getting better at this shit.

As a result of studying audio engineering, it means I am now able to write and record my own songs without the sound quality sounding like complete turd now.

Anything I write and record will be posted up in here, for people to listen to and enjoy, to critique if they want, whatever.

And stuff I mix and produce will end up in here too, even if it's not necessarily written by me.

So hopefully the stuff I post in here is proof that I don't just talk about audio engineering, but do actively study and experiment with that stuff:mrgreen:

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Harry    25,953

So, my first clip I shall present to everyone is from a guitar tone competition I entered in.


Basically, I shall explain how it all works.

I was given a backing track, and two DI tracks (DI = Direct Injection).

A Direct Injection track is essentially a full bandwidth signal that is completely dry (either, the sound of the amp nor the cabinet, nor effects, nothing, is present), which means you can feel free to do what is called "re-amping" to it.


The process of reamping is to just literally process the DI track/s with a guitar tone.

This can be done in 2 different ways (at the present time anyway).

One way is to get a reamp box, plug that into a recording interface, mic up an amp, and then send the signal which you get from the interface which works like this :the interface has the microphone plugged into it, which is pickup up the guitar sound from the cabinet, the microphone sending signals to your recording interface, the interface to your computer.


Some guys do this, but unfortunately I literally don't own an guitar amps (not any one's worth mic'ing up anyway), so I do it another way.

The way I do it is, to get software amp simulations, and then insert them into my recording software, called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software in audio engineer terms , on my guitar tracks and then proceed to add a Ibanez Tube Screamer simulation before the amp, cabinet simulations after the amp and other various plug ins which make it sound nice and use Equalization to help, although most of the time I never have to anymore unless it's completely necessary.


I have to say, I did spend quite a while getting this tone as good as I possibly could. Some days I spent up to about 4 hours a time just sitting there, analyzing every little detail. That might not sound too glamorous, but that's what you gotta do really. Getting professional level guitar tones is not easy business, and requires a trained ear. Now, I might not win because I'm up against guys with ultra expensive gear and compared to them I haven't been doing this long, but I'm hopeful anyway.

I believe this clip to be my best guitar tone ever, which is ultimately the result of all the hard work I've put in over the last 5 and a half months studying my ass off and learning.


Now that you hopefully learnt something new from that, here is the final guitar tone clip that I decided to submit for the competition:




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777    24,063

Right now I wish I had a sound card lol.


I can say thank you for killing 5 minuets of my time with each post you do.

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Harry    25,953

Alrighty, this isn't finished, but it's a rough mixing job I've been doing for a friend.



Let me know what you guys think. I spent a fair while working on it, but again I stress it isn't finished and it's just a short snippet from the song

Oh and I also played bass guitar on this, in addition to the mixing and mastering job

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