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Your sexuality?

What is your sexual orientation?  

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  1. 1. What is your sexual orientation?

    • Im a straight girl
    • Im a straight boy
    • Im a bi girl
    • Im a bi boy
    • Im a lesbian
    • Im gay

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wellll... basically, she said it was valentines day this week and she didnt really like me, that she just liked me as a friend... a friend to lie to i guess... but basically, she said we should just be friends, and that she was over doing the whole "girlfriend" thing... and she doesnt even like girls "anymore", but i guess i dont think she ever did in the first place.. how lame is that... and currently, i feel like listening to "We Are Broken" and some TBS song called "Liar"


what a douchebag.


ugh, i hate girls like that.

see, this is why i thin of going 'a-sexual'

so i dont have to put up with girls or guys, or animals or plants or anything.


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once you figure out how to become a-sexuall then tell me. please. b/c i'm really trying to get over emily. haha.


and omg mariah, that sucks. i hate people like that. *brings out torches and pitchforks*



but, since this is the your sexuallity thread...today, i was so dissapointed b/c i only saw 1 quick glance at emily in the hall. just about 1 second or less. so at the end of the day i was talking w/ about 3 other people waiting for rides. and who walks over? none other than emily! so then the 5 of us are talking, then a couple ppl leave, so its me, emily, and my best friend. the the vice principal kicked us all outside [in the rain/ice storm], so emily and i kept mocking him and complaining about our pants and stuff. it was funny. but then about 3 minutes later my ride came.....but it was still amazing. =]

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Because two weeks is suchhhh a long time, right?


yayy good to have you back!


well, nothings been up with me. some mood swings, but i'm better now. and the love life....or should i say lack there of...is the same. lol.



how about you?


Well that's good. Wait, what happend to that one girl, Emily right? Did that cave in or what?

edit: Okay, I just read a couple post back...Anything else that happend though?


And I'm good, relatively speaking I guess...Things could be better, things could be worse. The girl I like has a boyfriend, I accidently said I had a girlfriend to piss off the girl I like and um...yeah, that's basically the extent of my life at the moment.


I'm sooo sorry Mariah, that seriously sucks. Do people have no compassion in the world anymore? Seriously.

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nope. thats the only thing that's happened. she's straight, or so she says. idk, every now and then my one friend and i will think she's bi, but thats only some vibes, then they go away. its weird as hell.

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i had sex last night for the first time in ages.


'wow not blatant at all dude... lopl.. who all in here IS a vergin *other than meeeeee* lopl

naughty boy... haha nah just kidding...

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lopl.. okeys..

and if figures... most of the cool folks on here are from europe and jersey...

i vanquish you all... *using davey havock's magical vanquishing powers... ooOOooh!*

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I want a girl right now, maybe I should move to Brighton.


Sorry I had to vent my feelings somewhere, I am so sick of some guys at the moment, my ex is such a pain in the ass.



aww why?

want me to kick him?

i kick hard!







btw... when i was in dublin city 2day i was walking through this park thing

and there was these 2 girls on the grass practicaly having sex infron of the entire population of dublin

i was like








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