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  1. cool kids

    LJ update 28/04/2009

    my thoughts exactly. like sum 41 said UH was the best record they ever made before it was out and i was so disappointed.
  2. cool kids

    American Idol

    i don't think kris did as well as the others. kinda disappointing.
  3. cool kids

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 10

    nofx perfect government
  4. cool kids

    New album release date

    yeah at least its not 2010 or anything.
  5. cool kids

    Your Favorite Albums Of All Time

    updated my list on page 1.
  6. cool kids

    The Maine

    my favourite song is whoever she is.
  7. cool kids


    have you guys heard "3 am"? its really dark. i mean i thought the song kim was pretty dark but this song takes it to a whole new level.
  8. cool kids

    American Idol

    i love kris! (finally remembered which one i like haha) he should win.
  9. cool kids


    ok well im pretty sure i explained why most their fans bother me and the whole sex pistols rip off cover thing. do i think they are a horrible band? no. i went through the whole thread just in case i missed something i said.
  10. cool kids


    just because i think they are bad live doesn't mean i hate them. geez.
  11. cool kids

    American Idol

    yeah. i don't like that they used the save on matt.
  12. cool kids


    i like them. can't wait for the new album. just not really in my favourite bands list.
  13. cool kids


    i think mcr is bad live. sorry but thats just me.
  14. cool kids

    Green Day

  15. cool kids

    Green Day

    love know your enemy. great song.