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    My name is Jared Ward, I work at Hitmaker Studio and also continue to pursue a career in music.
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  1. JaredWard

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    I don't remember seeing these posted (Forgive me if they have) Bigger pic of the Salute the Troops promo...
  2. JaredWard

    The Grammys 2011

    Don't like it at all... she's trying too hard imo.
  3. JaredWard

    Hayley's New Tattoo

    I love cross tattoos but man... why put it on your thigh?! lol needless to say I'm not diggin' it at all.
  4. JaredWard

    Paramore: The Last Word

    Watched it earlier. Found it interesting but I thought they could have been a little more honest about everything that went down. Bottom line I still think Josh did the right thing... since "supposedly" Hayley or whoever decided to just release their version of the exit statement without Josh or Zac's approval. Both will be sincerely missed.
  5. Wow... all of this stuff is crazy. After reading the blog for the first time I have to give much props to Josh for explaining his side of the story & in the end I seriously think they made the right decision now. Here is the video:
  6. I could see why Josh would leave... but still what's up with Zac? I'm still not sure what they were un-happy about... the fame? the musical direction? not getting along? :/ it still makes no sense.
  7. I guess I'm missing something here... I'm completely shocked right now Can someone fill me in?! Were the guys not happy? or was there a specific a event that turned them off?
  8. JaredWard

    Paramore at Reading Festival

    Found this link (great quality) http://hotfile.com/dl/66008630/ceb4d3e/Reading.and.Leeds.Festival.2010-Paramore.avi
  9. JaredWard

    Jon Howard Touring With Paramore

    Firstly why in the world do they need 3 guitarists?? lol ah well congrats to Jon... sorry if I scared anyone, I'm just shocked this wasn't announced ahead of time.
  10. JaredWard

    Jon Howard Touring With Paramore

    I have no idea why they would lie... I guess we'll see.
  11. JaredWard

    Jon Howard Touring With Paramore

    Well Josh could be taking a break or something... I just don't see why Stellar Kart felt the need to announce this before Paramore.
  12. JaredWard

    Jon Howard Touring With Paramore

    Stellar Kart is a well known Christian Rock band... I'm not sure if they know the guys personally though, they may have played with Paramore a few times.
  13. JaredWard

    Jon Howard Touring With Paramore

    They took Jon off the band member list... so this worries me.
  14. Just found this on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/stellarkart "Congratulations to Jon Howard as he leaves to play with Paramore! We'll miss you buddy!" This could just be a touring gig but this is the first that I've heard of it... so does anyone have any info on this?
  15. JaredWard

    Paramore - BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend 2010

    I think I remember the last one being streamed somewhere but I can't remember the site... if someone happens to find a link let me know & I'll do my best to rip it