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  1. shell-

    What Are You Listening To? Part 8

    this is a test - Attack! Attack
  2. shell-

    Album of the year 2008?

    rise against appeal to reason is pertty much the best album at the moment but i would also say attack attack's debut is pretty class ymas toyc and kigh smart casual
  3. shell-

    Attack Attack

    aye i love this band got their album back at the start of oct, seen them live a few times with ymas and ffaf! Going to see them on the 25th of november tooo
  4. shell-

    Glasgow academy

    sounds like a rather gay affair haha!!* OMG it would only be 60 minutes but they could hole the crowd for sooo much longer Ahh this story is makin me lolTbh i dunno if they could sell out hall 3 lostprophets could sell out 4 no problem!! Actually mcr sold out hall 3 so im sure paramore could!! Haha!! SECC sucks!!
  5. shell-

    Glasgow academy

    as long as it aint the corn exchange i dont care where it is but the barras ftw!! Aye i had paramore playing my house 4 my 18th on the 18th haha (it was just clones that were im Paris )
  6. shell-

    Post Your Desktop..

    This is mine yeah im sad and have a pic of me and my mate :L
  7. shell-

    Glasgow academy

    Sounds like best line up everrr!! Wow ur so lucky u gotta meet them! Im still happy from meeting the blackout + story of the year so its sound haha! Everyones happy:P
  8. shell-

    Glasgow academy

    oh god if valenica were supporting id have peed myself haha! So gutted i didnt go to KIGH woulda just gone for valencia and KIGH are growing on me =\ and yeah glasgow is pretty much amazing (H)
  9. shell-

    1 to 7

  10. shell-

    In My Pants Game Thread #2

    boys! grab your guns.....in my pants!
  11. shell-

    Ping Pong part 2

    P O N G
  12. shell-

    Ctrl V

    ] Katie :] SexySexySeany *****♥**** Gotta.Find.My.Way.Back.To.You Hes.Amazing Josh **** says: sneee *scratches head* ' ****** ☆*****Shell-Is-The Dynamite****☆******* says: *scraches ass* sorry it was itchy:L ' ****** ☆*****Shell-Is-The Dynamite****☆******* says: had to be said i didnt realy:L ^bit of an msn convo haha
  13. shell-

    Last Thing You Ate - Part 2

    oreos =)
  14. shell-

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    like 2 litres of apple juice.....Hungoverrr gotta love the apple juice:):hyper: