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  1. {Alice Cullen}

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Sunny Disposition - Avenged Sevenfold
  2. hey, i never come here anymore either. Your going to Eyecon! Lucky, i wish i could go! He's awesome! He's such a sweetheart, so thankful to his fans. He's so amazing beautiful, i was in awe. I can't believe he's real, lol!

    have fun!

  3. Sooo, I haven't been on here in ages, and I just caught a look at your signature and saw that you met Ian. I'm meeting him in 24 days (totally not counting down or anything xD) I was wondering how was it? ^^

  4. {Alice Cullen}

    Vampire Diaries.

  5. {Alice Cullen}

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

  6. {Alice Cullen}

    Vampire Diaries.

    i can't wait until the new episode! Why do they have to make us wait so long! Grrr.. oh and i met Ian Somerhalder last weekend, he is truly an amazing person. His eyes are really beautiful in person and he gave me a kiss on the cheek! I almost died, but i thanked him for everything he does-helping animals, the environment and being an awesome actor i still can't believe that i met him!
  7. {Alice Cullen}

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread - Part 2

    that's beautiful <3
  8. {Alice Cullen}

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread - Part 2

    Demon's Play Your demons awake Time to sleep They play in your head you think your sane It's just a game Watch it spin Maybe you win Probably just lose Your mind Your soul Keep guessing Watch them laugh
  9. {Alice Cullen}

    Vampire Diaries.

    it truly does!
  10. {Alice Cullen}

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    i haven't been here in a really long time
  11. {Alice Cullen}

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread - Part 2

    i haven't been on here on awhile but i wrote this a few days ago: The Shadows Walk among the shadows They're talking about you Shh, be quiet Listen. Don't move, observe Do you feel them watching? They want what you have Life, body form Quick. Run. No time. They're coming.
  12. {Alice Cullen}


    yup that's me i meant to tell you earlier but i forgot..lol and thank you
  13. {Alice Cullen}

    New Moon!

    hell yeah it would be!
  14. {Alice Cullen}

    The Survey Thread

    I like the smell of permanent marker. I like to eat and watch TV at the same time. I wear too many hair accessories I get stressed out easy I am on medication I like oranges I have the hiccups Pink is my favorite color I have been in a hurricane (DNW Hurricane's ever again! Ike was horrible ) I know a Melanie. I wish too much I get pizza delivered to my house a lot I work I think about strange things I had spaghetti sometime this week I have never ridden in an airplane I sing in the shower I like to take bubble baths Long nails are scary My car has neon lights I feel cute right now My bus driver is a woman. I don't hate anyone I am very optimistic I have a security system in my house I've had shin splints before I have gone out of country for a camp before Candles are all over my house The lights are on in the room I am in. I watch Sports Center I have a Hallmark card I sew I suck at cooking yet still do it Yellowcard is a good band. I bought the Click Five CD Personality tests are fun to take. I go invisible online a lot I am always thinking about the future I saw "Wedding Crashers" in theaters Lindsay Lohan is a good actress My head itches. I can't go anywhere without my phone My friends think they're better than me I think I'm better than my friends Everything happens for a reason I have lied today Tan is the color of my house I draw hearts a lot Too many people ask me for rides Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday I like mint chocolate chip ice cream Praying mantis' are cool looking I keep a lot of things private My birthday is within the next month I have had a song played just for me I have been white water rafting I have never kissed a guy It is earlier than 8 in the morning I listen to Relient K I have an indoor job I have a digital camera I have a few things playing on my mind I am a very paranoid person I own some pink underwear I hate summer I have seen the DaVinci Code I have read it I need a haircut The part I like least about my body are my boobs I am rarely ever serious I can't speak any other language but my own My teeth aren't white I want to have black hair I have a tanned complexion People say I'm somewhat of a hippy When I was little I used to watch "Rugrats" religiously I am a tomboy Some people seem to think they can treat me like a doormat I have a small nose I only have one pair of shoes Someone I knew recently died I am a writer I would kiss someone I hated for $10,000 My hair is dirty blonde I hate camping I like dark imagery Sometimes I hear voices in my head I love the movie Braveheart I cleaned my room today I love musicals I have been seriously burnt before My dog has viciously bitten me before I hate dogs I own something striped Last Christmas was my best ever I sometimes wear hair bands I love smokey eye makeup I want to be seduced I love to read I love fancy jewelry I have bags beneath my eyes I only ever wear make up when I go out I am watching TV right now what's the point to algebra, trignometry, calculus, etc. anyway? I have a laptop I still like reading picture books I have friends who are more than 5 years younger than me AIM sucks I take the pens and notepads from hotels Negative people suck I love oxymorons I have never had a cavity I don't know what I want to be when I grow up I get carsick easily I ALWAYS seem to get stuck behind the screaming kid on airplanes I've never been on an airplane I'm a chronic procrastinator The Band is a really unorginal band name I don't find many horror movies scary I <3 the Muppets The Mona Lisa is the most overrated painting ever I have been pushed into a pool before With all my clothes on I secretly like some 80s pop songs I don't like writing I know what a gerund is I don't care about gerunds I follow politics I follow fashion I follow the leader I AM the leader i'm rad I love neon colors I love southern drawls (only on some guys ie. Christian Kane) I can tell the difference between Irish, British, and Australian accents I am British! I have gotten spam for Viagra I have won something from a radio station I won't read a book if it's longer than 300 pages Pants are good. Wear them. I always leave the "Friends" section of surveys blank Because I have no friends I like happy endings
  15. {Alice Cullen}


    yay! I'm ruby_winchester over at LJ i added you as a friend btw