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  1. thisisdeborah


    Post it! haha.
  2. thisisdeborah

    Xmas Rocksound Issue (free Calendar)

    I'll see tomorrow if this mag is out here yet, then I'll buy it.
  3. thisisdeborah

    Favorite Taylor Pictures

    thank you!
  4. thisisdeborah


    I am in love with this show.
  5. thisisdeborah


    I loved this movie. It was amazing.
  6. thisisdeborah

    Favorite Taylor Pictures

    He looks so young in that picture. Any idea when it was taken?
  7. thisisdeborah

    Hayley got food poisoning?

    I just read it. At least she's okay now.
  8. thisisdeborah

    Brand New Eyes tour

    haha, maybe. my dad beforehand: the more a band sucks, the more their music is louder than the voice. and then you arrive and you can barely hear nnec. Not good.
  9. thisisdeborah

    Your Paramore Collection

    I bought two shirts yesterday, the girl in the woods that says 'she lives in a fairytale' and the fall tour 2009 purple shirt. I also bought the tote bag, bought one for my sister as well. And I got the 'don't be ignorant' bracelet. Last one left. haha.
  10. thisisdeborah

    Live @ Tilburg, The Netherlands

    aah that's awesome!
  11. thisisdeborah

    Brand New Eyes tour

    The show last night sure was amazing! and you're not the only one about nnec. I couldn't hear her sing at all in the beginning, then it sounded like her mic was set louder, but I still couldn't understand a thing.
  12. thisisdeborah

    Live @ Tilburg, The Netherlands

    Wow you were really at the front haha. My pictures are from so far away.
  13. thisisdeborah

    Taylor's Twitter

    lmao, I love how a few days after I asked Hayley on Paramoreband @ LJ why Taylor didn't have a verified account, and she replied with a 'Because he didn't ask', his account is verified. haha.
  14. thisisdeborah

    Next Single

    I voted for All I Wanted, but it's either that, or Careful or Playing God.
  15. thisisdeborah

    Brick by boring brick video information :D

    I think Taylor is the hairy thing. Not the guy with the axe.