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  1. Jeffstedt

    The Only Exception (Official Video) online!

    Its true guys, that the rest of the band would probably want to be as focused as Hayley. altho it would be kinda weird if the ''girls bf''(in this music video) would be any of the guys in the band, wouldn't it? I think Id rather see Hayley as the main role instead of some unknown girl as the main role !
  2. I think I lost my interest in Para about a month and halv ago, but this music video brought me back. I almost thought my Para had diead inside of me but now Im addicted to them again. LOVE the music video btw, LOVE the story its fantastic!
  3. Jeffstedt

    People's Choice Awards

    http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/awards/video-highlights/ Pic this video: People's Choice Awards 2010 Favorite Comedy Actor at 2:47 you can see Hayley laughing her breath out xD
  4. Jeffstedt


    HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!
  5. Jeffstedt

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    havent seen this before, love it anyways
  6. Jeffstedt

    SPIN Readers Poll ‘09

    I do love Paramore, but I feel that I want bat for lashes to win to :
  7. Jeffstedt

    Hayley's new tweet about NME...

    Hilarious picture Guro! Should be sent to NME's office
  8. Jeffstedt

    Hayley's new tweet about NME...

    wow just read the article. It wasnt even a Paramore interview, it was a Heyley Williams interview. Dan martin should feel bad at this moment. This article may sound good to people who dont know Paramore but Paramorefans will disagree!
  9. Jeffstedt

    Hayley's new tweet about NME...

    sounds seriously. will be interesting to read the article. Appreciate a link or so to it .
  10. Jeffstedt

    Paris photoshoot, December 7th

    sorry about offtopic but what does Jeremy mean here? ''Dear NME...your silly for lying about our "VIA TEXT" interview that the band(including me)answered your questions that you say was via text'' Which article?
  11. Jeffstedt


    happy birthday to him!
  12. The music, lyrics, the persons, and the connection between the fans. They arent a band that are afraid to meet their fans and try to avoid their fans. Love their connection to their fans.
  13. Jeffstedt

    Webchat with Paramore

    they may going trough a ruff time. Or they may be really tired of all touring .
  14. Jeffstedt

    Webchat with Paramore

    ''im so sick of blonde, blonde is boring'' - Hayley Agreeed!
  15. Jeffstedt

    30 Seconds To Mars

    I dont like the new album. May have to give it more time tho. I get depressed. 30stm may not be the happiest sounding band but this album is to dark for me .