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    I'm half Time Lord! You jealous? :)
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    North Carolina (USA duh) :)
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    Abigail (Abby)
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    8th grade student.
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    Be warned...I'm random, crazy, and loud.
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    Well, there's too many things for this little box :) , so I'll just tell you my absolute favorite things: Paramore, Doctor Who, reading, friends, swimming, playing piano, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Spongebob, Evanescence, family, fried chicken, Diet Dr. Pepper, tea, hugs, boys ;) , and just simply LIFE.
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    I really like any music (not any artist though) However, I never took a particular liking to jazz.
  1. I haven't been on in the past few days....

  2. ParamoreXOXO9889

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    I've just finished reading "13 reasons why." It was a really good book, that I'll probably read again soon. You can read it here for free: http://readbookonlinefree.blogspot.com/2011/08/esik4hj.html
  3. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Doctor Who

    I really couldn't pick a favorite. I have favorite episodes for each doctor, but no all time favorite :)I often find myself watching the Unicorn and The Wasp if I need a laugh, but I wouldn't say it was my favorite. (I actually find that episode to be really cheesy )
  4. ParamoreXOXO9889

    The Ladies' Thread

    *dies* OH ALEX! I love him so much
  5. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Post Your Desktop..

    Mine is the same as my sig but it's like 1366x788 instead of my sig which is like 433x244
  6. ParamoreXOXO9889

    What was the first song you heard by...

    None Cobra Starship?
  7. ParamoreXOXO9889

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

    Pumped Up Kicks
  8. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Rate the Sig Above Thread Part 5

  9. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Hayley Shaved Her Head

    Haha, so what's your favorite episode?
  10. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Hayley Shaved Her Head

    Haha, so what's your favorite episode?
  11. ParamoreXOXO9889


    Old Nightwish with Tarja is okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm just not really into the power metal genre. I can't stand new Nightwish with Annette though. Her voice makes me want to shoot myself. I heard their new song that came out a couple days ago and died.
  12. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Taylor Swift

    she's great!
  13. ParamoreXOXO9889

    Demi Lovato

    i agree with you 100 percent! her new album "unbroken" is awesome
  14. ParamoreXOXO9889


    Their new album is AMAZING.
  15. One of the few things I like about being homeschooled is it's only 1:07pm and I finished my school an hour ago :)