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  1. Komomaan

    Secret Santa/Mix Tape

    I'd like to make a digital mixtape!
  2. Komomaan

    Tegan and Sara

  3. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    If Family Force 5 is supporting I am not that disappointed they are not coming over here.
  4. Komomaan

    Confession Thread - Part 8

    I confess I won't sleep that much this weekend.
  5. Komomaan

    Tegan and Sara

  6. Komomaan

    I wonder....

    I wonder if you remember me.
  7. Komomaan


    There also a date in Finland, Sweden, three in Germany and one in The Netherlands up on the last.fm events, here. It seems legit. I hope a Belgian date follows and it doesn't coincide with my exams, again.
  8. Komomaan

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    I was listening to some music earlier and your song Allegoria came up and I had mistaken it for Underoath. How's that for a compliment?
  9. Komomaan

    Favorites (:

    Favorite movie: The Squid And The Whale Favorite song: 23 by Jimmy Eat World Favorite sport: none Favorite actor/actress: Michael C. Hall / Zooey Deschanel Favorite food/drink: Mexican food / Lipton Green Favorite country: Denmark Favorite tv show: Dexter Favorite thing in your house: Computer, tv and couch
  10. Komomaan

    Happy birthday Judy!(jaseyyann)

    I know, haha.
  11. Komomaan

    Nsync or the Backstreet Boys?

    *NSYNC, because they made Bye, Bye, Bye.
  12. Komomaan

    Happy birthday Judy!(jaseyyann)

    I'm so late, ha. Happy birthday!
  13. Komomaan

    Awkward Moments...

    I'm a socially awkward penguin.
  14. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    She owns like everyone of them.
  15. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    I don't know why Cobra Starship keeps getting these additional (lame) female vocalists when they have someone like Victoria.