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Goosebump moments in music?

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My Apocalypse - Escape The Fate


Just, when the guitarsolo comes i just need to close my eyes & listen to it, so amazing.

Im even considering to use this song on my funeral, i know i will love this song forever.

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^ Yeah, I know.

Lets hope that will be about 80 years, that would be nice.

But idk, i just have the feeling i will never dislike the song xD

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I have a habit of turning threads into Brand New talk haha


and I have a habit of rolling with it and talking about Brand New with you too. hahaha

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You're doing your best at getting "Brand New" fans anyway ;-)

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Hammers and Strings and Caves by Jack's Mannequin

I dont know what it is about both of those songs but the first time I listened to The Glass Passenger both of the songs literally brought me to tears. Never had a song, let alone two on the same album, had that impact on me emotionally after hearing it just once.

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One Day I Slowly Floated Away- Eisley

You know how in mythology you always hear about sirens who sing and pull sailors out from the sea? Well, if there was one band that would represent that sound entirely, it's Eisley. Especially in this song. Also in Lost at Sea.

Yes, yes, yes. Wow, totally agree. You formulated that just perfect.


Just Watch The Fireworks by Jimmy Eat World

The beginning + the part where Jim sings "I stay up as long as it takes" with only guitar and after that guitar, strings and everything comes in. Marvelous


Goodbye Sky Harbor by Jimm Eat World

From "So here I am above palm trees" to the end actually.


23 by Jimmy Eat World

Solo and the last chorus.


My Heart (Live) by Paramore

Both the acoustic and the one with the high note.


Let The Flames Begin (Live) by Paramore

The one with the epic ending, you know.

Boulders by New Found Glory

The part where the girls from Eisley sing to the end.


The Conversation by Motion City Soundtrack

The whole song, seriously. Chills and sadness. Good combination actually.

Something Left To Give by The Starting Line

Kenny's voice is perfect in this song.

A Story For Supper by Lydia.

Just wow.

Always Move Fast by Lydia.

The acousticness and the last part with Mindy.


Silhouettes by Swimming With Dolphins

Those synths! Synths, I say!

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Return To Energiser - Enter Shikari

Most of the song is cool, but the trancey bit in it is amazing. Especially live.


I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 - Avenged Sevenfold

When the intro kicks it all the hair on my arms raise, same with the solo.


Let The Flames Begin - Paramore

Especially live, with the crazy outro.


November Rain - Guns & Roses

Solo is epic.


Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182

Dunno, I just like it (:

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Hallowed be thy name by Iron Maiden, this has to be my favourite song of all time, the bit before the solo is amazing.


Adams song by Blink gives me the chills to.

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there are so many songs,

but i can think about only one right now.

it's All around me by Flyleaf,

when i frist heard that song, i knew i completely 'fell in love' with Flyleaf

..that was about 10 months ago, and still, everytime i hear that song it gives me chills. when i listen to it, i just want to 'turn off the world', and do nothing but singing.

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I love watching live videos from Laura Marling.


A particular "goosebump" moment was this - Night After Night


Her performances are so pure. I only found her music in 2011 and I don't know why it took me so long. She's incredible! I can't wait to see her live in October.

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I have quite a few, but a few that stick in my mind are:


Well this is not only the song that got me into paramore, It subsequently saved my life by me finding paramore. There's are quite a few parts to this song that make it so special, but it's Hayley's voice throughout and when she singing "woah oh yeah ah" just before the finale chorus. That moment was my escape for so long. 


Hallelujah from the Final Riot!:

Need I say more. I mean seriously Hayley belted out those notes that far into the show?? This is why she's in my top singers of all time category.


Emergency from the Final Riot:

I am just dropping FInal Riot! All over this Haha... Well it's for the intro mainly.. I was playing I think it was Call Of Duty with some buddies and one of them was on a major kill streak and the epicness just built as the match continues and the streak was during the intro which was like really really creepy XDD


Soulmate by Natasha Beddingfield:
Uhh this ones a little uber personal.. this is the first song I've ever heard that for the first time I was brought to tears. This is for reasons I will not get into now... 


Someone gave me an audio recording of a HCT  show date and everytime I listen to that entire thing I just get chills mainly because HCT was my only time seeing paramore live and even though it wasn't the same show, it was still the same set and... I still get chills thinking that it actually happened I still daydream sometimes about it to this day.. 

If I think of any more  I'll go ahead and put it here, but that's all I have in my current mind right now...

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